Planner Girls Collective…Inspirational Quotes

This week with the Planner Girls Collective, we’ve been asked to discuss what we consider to be ‘Inspirational Quotes’.

I’m not one for long winded quotes, mainly because I forget them! I prefer short quotes, these are usually the type of quotes you see in the Planner community. Quotes like ‘She believed she could so she did’ and ‘Don’t look back, you’re not going that way’.
I guess these sort of quotes came to me at a time when I needed them. I was going through a lot of life changes and was in a bit of turmoil. Seeing them really helped, in fact a quote that constantly jumped out at me was ‘Do what makes you happy’ or ‘Do more of what makes you happy’.

They are simple and minimal but they are to the point and that’s exactly what I needed at the time. Since then I’ve found that these quotes will always be the ones I look out for, almost like mantras. Easy to remember when things are difficult and are motivational.


My 5 top favourite motivational quotes so far?

1. ‘Do more of what makes you happy’
2. ‘Don’t look back, you’re not going that way’
3. ‘Shoot for the moon even if you miss, you’ll land amongst the stars’
4. ‘What if I fall? But oh, my Darling, what if you fly?’
5. ‘Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle’

I also quite like ‘write your own story’.

There’s a very high percent chance you’ve heard or seen these quotes, they’re frequently used on products. What I also love about these quotes is the fact that they are short. They can be played with in art journal work and when working with computer fonts.

Over time I’ve collected a couple of small books filled with inspirational quotes and artwork. I’ve also bought a calendar for this year which is a page a day inspirational quote. Originally I just had the books and I would tear out the pages for art journal work or to even hole punch and put in my planner.
The page a day is now serving that purpose, I’m spoilt for choice!


I find it uplifting opening my planner and seeing a quote with beautiful artwork made to lift your spirits. This is the same in my art journal work, I prefer to have happy colourful pages and the quotes add that little bit extra.


That’s all for now, thank you for stopping by and I will catch you all again soon 🙂

Kelly xxx

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