February Little Rainbow Moon Mystery Kit


I’ve been a fan of Little Rainbow Moon from the moment the shop opened on Etsy. Jo uses a mixed media art style and combines that with stickers,  journal cards, travellers notebook inserts and other lovely planner goodies. You can also find washi and Jo’s own original canvas artwork on the store. I love that her work is bright and colourful, I’ve sometimes used it for planning but mostly I use it for art journal work.

I remember when the mystery kits were first launched in July 2016. At the time I didn’t purchase due to funds but I kept seeing videos and pictures shared. This continued until I saw the September kit and knew I had to put some money to one side. The September kit had a Cosmic theme and I was so annoyed with myself for missing out, it was a beautiful kit!

So I first signed up to the October kit which had a lovely Autumnal feel. It can be seen at the end of this video. I then snapped up a December kit which had a beautiful wintry theme. I didn’t stop there, I’ve just got the February kit and it’s outstanding!

I decided to go for the journal kit. The very first kit I bought was a journal kit and the next was a Traveller’s Notebook kit. They’re both very similar but considering how I use these kits, the journal one works better for me.

This kit is all about self care. It has purple and turquoise/aqua tones through it, two of my favourite colours! It has images of crystals and positive quotes. Jo’s welcome card explains that February can be about Valentines but sometimes we also need to take time out to love ourselves.


The paper behind the image is a vellum type paper with Jo’s artwork printed onto it. I love the effect!

We then have an A4 piece of thick card with journal cards printed onto it. I cut these down using a craft knife, metal ruler and cutting mat (my usual method). The cards are gorgeous! The colours really stand out and the quotes are perfect for the theme of the box. I’m trying to embrace the idea of self care this year, I ran myself into the ground last year and I don’t want it to happen again.


The kit came with some Ephemera, these accentuate Jo’s work with the painting of the crystals (and a heart). They’re so lovely! I really want to save these for something spiritual and calming in my creative journal. Another journal card came with the ephemera. Last year the quote ‘Do what makes you happy’ kept jumping out at me. This quote develops that further, be happy right to my core.


We then have the stickers! These range from planning type stickers to ones that can be used in journal work. The colours again! In fact the colours, images and quotes! I LOVE this kit! I particularly love the hexagon style stickers and the word stickers (far right and far left), amazing for journal work!


We then have the charm that came with the kit. It’s been contributed by Michelle at UglyBugPlans. It fits with the kit so well. It’s a delicate little charm and very feminine.


We then had a washi tape which has a watercolour look to it. It fades from purple, to blue to a pale green colour. Lastly there’s a little self care bag. It contains a little purple candle, a chocolate heart and some ‘Love’ tea (which smells amazing!).


So that’s everything in the February kit. I can’t wait to have a journal session by myself with my tea and candles 🙂

I can highly recommend these kits!

Thank you for stopping by,

Kelly xxx

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