PGC Latest stationery purchases

This week we’ve been asked to discuss our latest stationery purchases.

In truth, I haven’t made a great deal of stationery related purchases last month. There was quite a few birthdays so a good chunk of money went on flowers!

However, I did buy a few things. I’ve been really enjoying art journal work and mainly bought supplies for this. Over time I collected little bits I saw in sales, things for decoration (ribbons, buttons etc). I also started to become obsessed with paint!

A while ago I made my own paint sprays. This was done using acrylic paint, mini spray bottles (found in the toiletry travel section in the supermarket) and rubbing alcohol. I poured rubbing alcohol into a bottle, squirted in some paint and shook the bottle to mix it up. That’s it!


So with this idea already existing, I decided I wanted to try metallic sprays. I found bronze, gold and silver acrylic paint in wilko’s. The end result has been fantastic! To make the gold stand out in my art journal, I sprayed black first, then gold on top. The bronze tone has been used it my new stickers, although it’s been toned down a bit for a pastel feel.



Staying with the paint theme, I made a trip to Hobbycraft after seeing Anna Brim’s haul video. I was initially going to buy the marble style paints she shows but I couldn’t make my mind up when I found them. I was in danger of buying too many with no plan of how I was going to use them. As I was walking away, I spotted a palette of metallic style paints. They are the Artist’s Loft Pearlescent Watercolour Pan (24 Pack). At £5, they were much kinder to my budget do decided to give them a go. I am so pleased I did! They’re lovely, there’s a real shimmer to them and aren’t like anything else I’ve used. They’re definitely more of a shimmer style paint over bold but they can be painted on top of other colours.


The other item I’ve been loving recently are Jinhao fountain pens, bought on Ebay. They don’t quite have the buttery feel you get with a Lamy fountain pen but for the price of them, I must say I’m impressed. One thing I really like about them is that they all come with a converter. I’m not really someone who likes buying ink cartridges for my fountain pens. I like that a converter means I can use whatever ink I choose and it’s re-usable, saving money.


I now have four Jinhao pens with one more on it’s way to me!! Honestly, when you see the price, you’ll understand. Four to five Jinhao’s can be one Lamy! The quality obviously isn’t as good but when you’re just getting used to a fountain pen that can be excused. The one downside is that they all have a medium nib, I would like an italic nib for calligraphy. I’m yet to work out if I can purchase different nibs and change them, every time I look I see more lovely pens!!


Lastly to go with the pens I have Diamine ink in Sparkling Shadows. I am in love with this ink! It’s black with a gold shimmer through it. I wasn’t sure how much it would stand out but it’s lovely! When the light hits it, you can see the gold glittering through it. I bought it from Bureau Direct and I felt it was a great price, especially for the amount you get in a bottle. It’s a 50ml bottle and considering the tiny amount needed to fill the converter, that 50ml will last a good while!


So that’s my recent purchases, paints, pens and ink!

Thank you for stopping by,

Kelly xxx

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6 thoughts on “PGC Latest stationery purchases

    1. They’re the prisme fantasy ones. I’m not sure how they’d work and it took me forever to decide on colours 🙈 a lot of the ones I could see were darker with a couple
      of bright ones thrown in.
      Won’t be long until you have a fountain pen collection haha xx

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