PGC – I can’t live without…

This week, the Planner Girls Collective have been asked to write about our necessary, can’t live without items. I was going to discuss stationery items but I’d be covering old ground so I decided to discuss what I need in my every day life.

My planner:

It goes without saying really?
But to elaborate, my planner is an extension of my brain. Yes it’s decorated and looks pretty but essentially it’s a place for me to keep reminders, schedules, finances, important notes and ideas.

Without it, I’d be trying to remember everything in my head. I’ve tried to use my phone to plan but it does not work for me. I need everything laid out in front of me.

My planner also helps my well being. I’ve had quieter weeks where I’ve needed to do things but I’ve not structured things properly. It has resulted in last minute organising! As well as that, I will have days where I feel low. Having structure to my day and having a feeling that I’ve accomplished things (even if they are small), means I go to bed much more content.

I’ve started trying to write a time plan for my day. It’s not set in stone but it gives me a good idea of what I need to do that day, what will happen at certain times and what time I have left to achieve my goals.

My lip balm:

I swear by lip balm! Usually it’s a little tub of Vaseline. Although I try to drink plenty of water, this doesn’t always happen. I know when I’ve had a bad day as my lips will be more dried out. As well as this, in my day job I sit under an air con unit. It can get cold at times and it dries my lips out like no ones business! I can also feel it affecting my skin. So lip balm is a must in work!

My car:

Yes I know it’s not Eco friendly but I LOVE my car! It’s a Nissan Juke and I’m always so happy driving it. I didn’t learn to drive until I was 24 and passed when I was 25 (first time!). I went through my late teenage years, University and first years working without a  car. A lot of people do this with no issues. I however loathed it! In my second job after Uni, I used to travel from Manchester city centre to Bury and it would take just over an hour. I’m not someone who is comfortable on public transport, I’m very aware of my surroundings and personal space. So my worst case scenario was a packed bus so that you had to stand up, in the middle of summer with the smallest of windows opened a crack. And body odour!
When I could drive, everything changed. I must have been the only person happy to be sat on the M60 evening traffic stand-still and not care. Of course that changed after time 😉
I could adjust the car temperature, I could listen to what I wanted to, I didn’t have to have awkward eye contact, no body was breathing down my neck, no more listening to other people’s phone calls or conversations. It was very freeing, in fact for a while I remember playing Classic fm and allowing it to wash over me.
The biggest bonus…I live Manchester, Manchester rains, a lot! No more wearing a load of waterproofs just get to the office. No more waiting for up to an hour in rain that blows in every direction!
Yeah, I don’t miss it!!!

My Phone (ideally with an internet connection):

Firstly my phone is a way for people to keep in contact should they need me in an emergency. Particularly if they are looking after my Children.
It’s my main source for emails so again it’s another way for people to contact.
It’s my go to item to obtain information. Long gone are the days of looking through the huge encyclopedia. It’s hard to think there was a time before the internet! Being able to get answers to most questions, give or take, at the click of a touch screen button is amazing! When you really think about it, it is amazing.
Lastly, I’m never lonely. Particularly since finding the planning world. I have made so many friends and I’m apart of so many circles. There’s always a chat on or off topic and it’s rarely gossip. There was a time when a lot of the conversations I had were “did you know that such and such or did you see such and such” type conversations. A lot of the time these can be tedious. I’m diplomatic so I try to see things from every angle and a lot of the time with these conversations, depending what it was, I realised I didn’t really care! Then the planning world opened up to me and there’s so much more being talked about (it’s not all planners a stationery!). With this came lot’s of different opinions and complex conversations. I’ve definitely changed as a person because of these groups and the chats within them and I’ve never looked back. My phone is my link to this.

My Kindle (well my iPad that is basically a kindle):

You cannot beat the printed book, you just can’t. However there are some books that I will only read once. This is where my kindle comes in. I love to read and having the digital aspect means I can browse thousands of books, read a sample and buy it if I like it. Then once it’s done I can remove it and not having it cluttering up my bookshelf unlikely to be read again.
The kindle is handy as I can carry my library with me where ever I go.

My Art Journal:

My escape from the world! Next to reading a fictional book anyway. Being able to play with colour, scraps, ribbon, stickers, ephemera, paints, pastels, pens…I love it all! I also love to sit and flick through my art journal, it can cheer me up and it can give me inspiration. It’s my place to let loose, I’m not creating for anyone but me. There’s no judgement and no rules, it really is my place of escape 🙂

Thank you for stopping by,

Kelly xxx

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