Pamper and Plan

This weekend (4th-5th March 2017) I was lucky enough to attend the Pamper and Plan event run by Michelle Mills, Kelly Bendelow and Leanne Snowball.

This was the first ever Pamper and Plan. I became aware of it last year not long after the UKPA Big Meet, another planner girl meet up we have here in the UK. There’s been a few events that have been amazing but one main bit of feedback that kept cropping up was the lack of socialising and planning/crafting time. Some of the other events I’ve been to have had a structured day of planning time mixed with shopping but also guest speakers and workshops. It can be hard to do everything at one event, especially as people generally need time to become comfortable.

Pamper and Plan had a real feel of relaxation and no heavy structure, to an extent. To get an idea here’s how the weekend panned out (from my point of view) here’s a little breakdown:

A number of guests travelled to the venue the evening before. It meant no crazy early starts for them on Saturday. Due to funds and work commitments I couldn’t travel until Saturday.

*times are a rough guess*
6.50am – caught the Metrolink with Jeni into Manchester City Centre to meet Geraldine.
7.50am – caught our train to Newcastle. Had some planner chat, a little bit of crafting, Geraldine filmed some vlog shots and Jeni crocheted this amazing phone cover for me!


10.14 – arrived in Newcastle and caught a taxi to the hotel
11.00 – arrived at hotel, checked in and met Laura Lizzy Cairns (a fellow planner addict). Popped up to the room, dropped our stuff and met up again downstairs.
11.15 – got a coffee from the on site Starbucks (oh yeah!) and went to the conference rooms
Noon – On arrival at the conference rooms we picked up our goody bags! These were filled with lots of planner goodies, so many more stickers than I expected! They also had pamper type goodies such as a bath bomb fortune cookie by Pomme D’or . As well as that there was also a bottle of water and a kitkat ,both with pamper and plan labels. The water was really appreciated. After travelling all morning I was really thirsty!

A very messy planner table, before the crafting.

It was then very much a do what feels comfortable approach. There were two rooms and each room had tables to craft at as well as shops. I bought a few things from the Mrs Brimbles stall and Suzi Stick It. I was very temped to buy another Ugly Dori but decided to behave on this occasion (I already have 2).
I then sat on a table with a few other lovely ladies. Everyone had brought crafting supplies with them. I decided to art journal. It was with set up a planner or do something else creative. I love to art journal but don’t always have a lot of time to sit and enjoy it. I decided to begin a spread using the March Brimbles Box kit.

The beginning of this spread using the March Brimbles box as inspiration.

3.30 – around this time the planner stack was assembled, it has to be done!

3.50 – a raffle had been setup by the even organisers. This was drawn and some fabulous prizes were handed out.
4.00 – the rooms were closed around this time and we went up to our rooms to prepare for our evening meal.
6.00 – a lovely pre-booked evening meal was had on site. I had a huge burger which I couldn’t finish, I’m a grazer. Then a bowl of chocolate mousse…no issues finishing that! Then the wine started to flow….
Let’s just say from this point on, everyone had a lot of fun. We did have the rooms open for crafting but it kind of went out of the window as by this point we were all starting to let our hair down a bit!


9am – breakfast. A very gentle breakfast of fruit and water!
10.00 – Spa session. Well it was supposed to be but I was at the stage of not wanting to be touched. A lot of the Pamper and Plan ladies were a bit tender. I’m just going to get my tiny violin out and say that yes, as well as some alcohol related morning feelings, I was also being hit with a massive cold! Four days later and I still have it, I’ve only just started to get my voice back. To be fair, I probably also prolonged it with my shenanigans!
Some of the other ladies did go for their spa sessions and even had a dip in the pool!
11.10 – Geraldine, Jeni and I waved goodbye to Newcastle and returned to Manchester.

So that was my experience of not much pampering (in my case), not much planning as I played with my art journal but  a heck of a lot of fun! I’m slowly starting to see the back of this cold, it’s knocked me for 6 this week and I still haven’t planned! But my mind is starting to clear and I’m able to reflect. Would I do it again? Hell yeah, where do I sign up???

I will write a separate post for the goodie back and my haul.

Thanks for stopping by,

Kelly xxx


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