March Brimbles Box

march brimbles 2

It’s taken me a while to write this post. Strange way to start a blog I know but hear me out. It’s a positive statement.

It’s taken me a while because every time I thought I’d finished and was ready to write, I’d create something else!
It’s so easy to play with the Brimbles kits. I find I mix and match with previous kits all the time. I used to scatter kits into my craft stash but recently I’ve been trying to gather them back together. Mainly because it’s nice to have them and as mentioned I find it easy to mix them.
So before I show what I’ve been up to…
* welcome card with artwork
* 12×12 scrapbook paper (4 sheets, 2 of each design double sided)
* washi tape
* stamps
* page flags
* planner stickers
* decorative stickers
* journal cards (as 12×12 paper)
* ephemera
First of all, I want to say how much I loved the mixed media print that appeared throughout this kit. It’s so beautiful! I love cosmic style artwork. My favourite element of this kit was the 12×12 papers. When Anna showed us the sneak peeks I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them! Then I was hoarding, having a precious moment scared to use them, THEN as I had to write a blog, got over it and…sliced up the papers!
I now want more to replace them!
The first thing I did with the kit was create an art journal layout. I have water colour pastels from Hobbycraft and knew these would be perfect for creating a background. I prep the page with white gesso and once dried, draw and smudge the pastels over it.
march brimbles 1
The page itself has a mixture of blue, purple and pink. I love how they blend together. I dedicated the page to creativity and dreams.
march brimbles 4
I loved using all elements of the kit on this page. I used the large page flags as a header for a section, it stands out lovely against the pink scrapbook paper.
I created pockets again, I love a pocket! It holds the journal cards that came with the kit (as a 12 x 12). I’ve loved blending the scrapbook paper and journal cards with the stamps, they look so cute! There was a jar design stamp with this kit, there’s something about jars in artwork that I love. It will be used over and over in my art journals.
march brimbles 5 new
I also love the washi in this kit. I know the boxes varied with washi, my kit had green washi with gold lettering. I wouldn’t have paired it with the kit but it actually works really well. I like how it stands out against the darker colours. It’s now one of my favourite washi tapes!
march brimbles 3
I then had bits and pieces I wanted to play with. My art journal pictured above is an A5 journal from Paperchase. I also have another in A6. This lives in my A6 traveller’s notebook and has become a mini art journal. It was originally bought as a planner but it wasn’t being used. So I decided to change it to a portable art journal.
march brimbles 6
I had a spare bit of scrapbook paper left over and just happened to place it across a double page spread in the A6. I loved how it looked so decided to stick it in as a background. I then secured the edges with the washi. I decided to use a different set of stamps on this page, I recently got a set of fairytale stamps from a craft magazine and wanted to use these. At the moment the page is minimal, I’m waiting to see if I want to do any more with it.
march brimbles 7
march brimbles 8
Lastly (for now anyway, I still have plenty to use!), I created some shaker pockets. These were done using a smaller cut out pocket from a simple stories insert. I then glued some journal cards back to back, one from the kit, one from a Project Life pack from Anna’s shop. I then glued ephemera onto the design, popped in the sequins from the February kit along with some smaller ephemera and stapled it closed. I don’t have a fuse tool…yet… and it’s a pain to lug out the sewing machine. For now, I’m happy with staples 🙂
So that’s everything I have created so far with the March kit, I have LOVED using it.
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