PGC…Spring Bucket List


This week we were asked to list our Spring Bucket List which opened an opportunity for some creative journal work. I filmed the process so I will link the video at the end of this post.

As I was filming, I wanted everything near me for my journal page. Normally when I create a page it takes me ages, I plod though it adding little bits and pieces here and there. Obviously I cannot do that on film so I pre-prepped my page layout ready for filming.


I love how it turned out, the colour scheme was inspired by the ‘Cheery Blossom’ Lollipop Box, the colour scheme is very feminine and has that clean/fresh look that you see with Spring.

My list itself is:

* Easter Egg Hunt
* Breakfast in the Garden
* Plant Flowers
* Plant Vegetables
* Plant Herbs
* Craft Day in the Garden
* Spring Walk
* Picnic
* Outdoor Fairy Garden
* Begin Spring Cleaning and Declutter
* New Guinea Pig Hutch

I love spending time outside in Spring. All of the wild flowers come out, birds are re-appearing, I’ve seen bees today and about five hundred Ladybirds! I would say the Squirrels are coming out but they seem to function all year long where I live!


It’s a beautiful time of year and I wanted to capture that on the page.


Thanks for stopping by,

You can find my process video here

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