PCG…..My Planning Style

*Sigh* Yes I’m behind on these posts again! To be fair there is no pressure with the Planner Girl’s Collective posts. It’s optional and you don’t have to partake in every single weekly topic. However the last three posts are something I want to get involved with, these are:

My Planning Style
How I do my monthly overview
Creative Journal

So yes, I’m late to the party (as always) but I’m here now, let’s do this!

This post will feature my planning style. Hmmm, how would I describe my style? Unique to an extent. Chaotically organised? I’ve very much grabbed planning and creative planning by it’s essence and made it work for me.

I’m someone who loves layers, pockets, small things, details, nick-knacks. I couldn’t have a minimal planner, I’ve tried, it didn’t last.

To describe my planning style, I’ve decided to compare it to my University bedroom. It was basically my cave, full of rich colours and fairy lights. I had journal cards on the wall with Faeries and Pixies. I had posters with waterfalls and nature. The ceiling was covered in fairy lights. Sequined scatter cushions on the bed in deep orange and deep magenta. I had flower fairy lights on my cork board, as well as photographs, postcards with quotes and images. The floor was covered with a large rag rug, falling to bits by the end of the year.  I’d brought my own curtains, well more voile, wine red and very much only for decorative purposes. The room did come with a blind (I’m not that brave!!), the voile curtains remained pinned back. Lastly I had a bookshelf, with books, but also my other collections. Tarot cards, gem stones, a giant golden key given to me on my 18th birthday, a small clock with the loudest tick-tock in the world, my jewellery box and random little bowls.
It was my home and I loved it.

Now I share my space with my family of which, there are two young children. It’s not ideal having lots of little things placed everywhere. Also, children are messy! If I added my style to their mess, the house would become overwhelming. Even though my Uni room had lots of trinkets, it was thoroughly cleaned once a week. Everything had it’s place.

For a while I lost myself, I didn’t have anywhere to express my creativity. Long story short, the planner and craft world opened up my eyes again and that creative part of me. I now have a small corner of the bedroom, it’s one of these unusual spaces you end up using for storage or a dressing table. It’s my corner 🙂 This is where I plan and create.

FullSizeRender (2)

My Planning Style reflects me as a creative person:

I play with colour. I’ve tried so many different combinations from black and gold to full spectrum colours. And why? Because I can, why not? Nowhere else in my current life can I be this free with my creativity. Even when I craft with the kids, it becomes about their creations and I help.

I stuff and bulk. My college art journals were full to the brim, well exploding! They would not close due to the amount and type of materials used inside. I honestly have no idea where they are now, I’m hoping in my Dad’s house somewhere. This stuffing obsession has been reflected in my planner setups and creative journals. When I was in rings, I admit, I would push them to their limits and it’s not advised as it can ruin the closure (gappy!). Then I discovered planning in a Travellers’ Notebook. Prior to this I’d only used them for journal work but I started to watch countless videos of other people’s TN setups. I fell in love with the A6 sized setups. The result of this is I have several monster sized A6’s.

I accessorise. The fact I can still close some of my TN’s is some sort of miracle. Granted, I have been known to double wrap an A5 planner band around them so that I don’t over-stretch the existing elastic closure. I’ve lost count of the amount of paperclips I put into my planners. All of these clips have detail glued to the top, they’re pretty as well as functional. Ok, well some of them are page markers, some of them are literally because I like them. Dashboards, vellum inserts, acetate inserts, journal cards, magnetic bookmarks (different to paperclips!), the right pen. Basically apart from the pen and the odd paperclip, none of these are technically needed in a planner. They are there for decorative purposes and contribute to the extreme planner bulk.
Would I change any of it….no, not at all.

I layer. Oooo I love a good layering system. Pockets! Using scrapbook papers or journal cards to make pockets. Splashes of pattern and colour peeking out from behind other images, can’t get enough of it. I want my planner to be a visual feast.

FullSizeRender (1)

I experiment. I like making different things for my planner. Whether this is a type of storage insert, a planner insert layout, right down to making the planner itself. I’ve made a few of my own TN’s, they have their flaws but because I made them that doesn’t bother me. I don’t always use my own, rarely actually,  there are some fabulous planners out there on the market. It all depends on my mood. I love that because I’m creative, if I have an idea of something I would like to see and it doesn’t exist, I can have a go at making it.

FullSizeRender (3)
Bullet Journal layout with Mrs Brimbles stickers

Oh, and I actually plan. Amongst all of the vibrancy of my planner, there is a purpose. It works for me and I know where everything is. There are sections within the planner, I do use it on a daily basis and it does help me to stay on track with most things in my life. I tend to use my Bullet Journal and TN together. The Bujo having a more neat and tidy layout and the TN is almost an extension of my brain!

So that’s it for this post, thank you for stopping by,

Kelly xxx

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