PGC…How I do my Monthly Overview

Hello again 🙂

My monthly overview is very important. It’s the foundation of how I plan the month ahead. I don’t have one monthly overview, I have many!

Firstly I have my bullet journal. At the beginning of every month, I will list a page with the days/dates of the month ahead. Then I draw a line under every Sunday and write in everything I need to remember, for example, my work time-table. It’s a simple layout that doesn’t get much decoration (if any!) that acts as a quick reference point for me when setting up weekly layouts/preparing appointments and meet ups.
I then have a page next to it for my plans over the month ahead. This will include shop plans (I’m halfway through prepping something brand new!), blog posts, YouTube videos to film and potentially a new creative section. This page keeps me on track, it almost acts as a goals page of what I want to achieve during the month.

FullSizeRender (4)
This is an old spread, my new ones would give away too many spoilers!

I then have my Traveller’s Notebook with more monthly setups. I have a mini printable from Annie Plans Printables, this mainly has my work timetables. My TN tends to move around with me so it’s handy to have another general monthly overview in here.

I also have a blogging section with a Daphne’s Diary monthly insert. This lists all of the scheduled Planner Girls Collective posts as well as other posts and videos I have in the pipeline.

FullSizeRender (7)

Although I’ve also drawn up a monthly spread in this section of my TN. As much as I love my Daphne’s Diary insert, I find it hard to write in it. It’s already quite busy and has the day written on each square in different languages. I’m writing over print.

FullSizeRender (6)

I do have a shop section in my planner, although I don’t yet have a monthly overview in here. However I’m soon going to need to set one up as things are starting to roll and I’ll need to start setting deadlines.

Lastly I’m on the team for the UKPA Big Meet. Although there has been a slow start with this but it is now very much falling into place. So many plans have started being pulled together. I have a planner and notebook for this (made by the lovely Crafty Ali), we are now at a point where specific dates need to be written down. With so much going on in my life it’s important to keep on track with it. I can’t believe it’s already June, we’re half way through the year!

FullSizeRender (8)

So it’s a rather short and sweet post but that’s pretty much it. My monthly overview starts in my Bullet Journal. I then take that and further develop certain areas (for example my Blog), with another monthly layout. It means certain things can be kept separate but allow me to go in depth with that area.

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6 thoughts on “PGC…How I do my Monthly Overview

  1. I really like how you set up your monthly overview as sort of a goals page for the entire month! To be honest, my monthly overview is the most neglected part of my planner! Since June is right around the corner, I might try using it for goal-tracking this month… Thanks for sharing!


  2. I do something very similar, but not nearly as artistic! It’s usually just a column of dates next to a column of lines, until about a week before the month starts. At that point, I’m like, “Oh, yeah. I maybe oughta do my monthly layout this week!”


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