PGC…Halloween and Autumnal Planner Setups

oct planners

I haven’t written a Planner Girls Collective post for a while and what better one to start on that’s firstly Planner related and secondly Autumn/Halloween!

I’m currently in a few planners. I  have my mini Happy Planner which isn’t really anything fancy, it’s a glorified calendar with work timetables, events and appointments. I then have my personal sized Maldens. I’m currently switching from my purple which was set up for Autumn, into my Ochre which will be set up for Halloween.

IMG_5485 (1)

The Malden has been used almost as a notebook with sections. There is a planner section with monthly/weekly spreads but it doesn’t get used as much as I would like.
I then have my Bullet Journal. I’ve just finished my 2016-2017 Bujo and have moved into a brand spanking new one! What I love about a Bujo is that it will hold memories, it’s more than a planner. I decorate mine and really put myself into them.

The Happy Planner doesn’t have any Autumnal or Halloween decorating, so there’s no photos of that. It does feature in the video which you can see at the bottom of this post.

The Bullet Journal has a Halloween cover I have made for it. It’s nothing fancy, something I quickly threw together so that I could have pockets with my Bujo and instantly give it a Halloween feel. Inside I have started on the month of October so this has been decorated with Autumnal/Halloween themed stickers.


Stickers by Design Lovely Studio on Etsy

My Maldens are another place I have creative planning. I have used passed Planner Society kits as dividers, I already had them made up so it sped things up for me. I have then used decorations from Mrs Brimbles, Geraldine Jayne, StitchNWeave, Filofabulouss, Dreams and Wishes Gifts (to name a few, for the full list see the video link). This planner stays at home, more so I don’t lose the contents.


Here is a link to my video where you can see a flip through of everything, it also features my sketchbook. Enjoy!

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