October Brimbles Patreon

This month on Anna’s Patreon we have been spoilt again with beautiful artwork. We have been given a mixture of abstract mixed media and Anna’s signature sketches.

I carefully selected and printed the pieces that stood out to me. I never really know where I’m going to go with the artwork or what I will create. Instead I group imagery together and place it on the page. Then I add paints/pencils and slowly I begin to piece something together.


The first spread I created has a Halloween/Witchy feel. It had to be done! It’s the month of Samhain! I love the Pumpkin that Anna has created, the page started with this. I then added the cute little Witch in the opposite corner and the black floral pattern to the centre. Then the quote “Double, double, toil and trouble, fire burn and Cauldron bubble” popped into my head. With this in mind I painted the whole spread black. I decided to outline a Cauldron sketch in the centre of the page over the flowers. The quote is written in large letters over the whole page, I had to use several different medias to get this text to appear! Lastly I’ve added little stick on gems I recently received in a swap.


The second spread I created has an Autumnal feel. It was easy to create with Anna’s artwork, as soon as I laid the images down I was getting ideas popping into my head. I had to use the Mouse as it is so cute! I love the Coffee cup with the Pumpkin and the Wellington Boots, so on they went! I then picked out a watercolour palette to match the page. I wanted to add something a little different so wrote words that remind me of Autumn repeatedly over the pages with little leaves between them and surrounding the images. To finish the pages I used a small amount of white Acrylic brushed on with a sponge and some stamps. The clouds, jar and tick boxes are from previous Brimbles boxes. I like that these are currently ’empty’ so that I can add journal words later should I want to.


The third spread takes a different turn. Without going into specifics, I’ve had a few difficult weeks recently, it’s been challenging. I saw the drawing of what looks like to me a sad character. She basically in that image showed how I’d been feeling. I paired this up with the flowers on the dark background and on the far right the Sunflower which I teamed up with more Wellington Boots. I created a background to show change, the gloomy colours on the left and brighter on the right. The word ‘Grow’ has been placed in the centre to show that this page reminds me that I can rise above bad situations. I have written some journal entries around the page in reflection to the time and as a reminder that I am strong.

That’s my three journal spreads for this month, thank you for stopping by,


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