It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

I’m back with some of Anna Brim’s Patreon artwork. This month I’ve been playing with the December artwork. There’s a really nice mix of themes for this month, cute, abstract and a bit more technical. It meant I could try out a few different things.

As usual I decided to create a journal spread, which quickly became two. I didn’t have a plan at all, I had a few choice craft items, Anna’s printed artwork and a Daphne’s Diary magazine.

The first piece of artwork that drew my eye was the mixed media Santa. I love the different textures used, especially the fluffy pom pom at the end of his hat!


I had to pair this up with the green mixed media scrapbook paper design. This was the foundation of the page. Coincidentally, the same day my quote a day calendar happened to have ‘The most wonderful time of the year’ featured so it had to be added to the spread. I lined this up with the cute star, the colours and playful font matched well with the dotted line around the star.


I’d been flipping though the Daphne’s diary and one of the features showed a Forest image with wild Deer. It had been snowing the same weekend of creating this, everywhere except where I lived! So I brought the snow to my artwork. The Robin fitted well with this, I like the miss-match in proportion, the tiny Forest and Deer and giant Robin!


Lastly I finished the page with Anna’s  ‘Merry Christmas’ wreath with tradtitional festive colours complimenting the scrapbook paper behind it. As a final addition, for no reason at all, I added a black and white sticker from Daphne’s diary in the bottom left corner.

I then, as I was in the flow, decided to create another spread. I had to use Anna’s Stag, it was originally designed to be a Christmas card (something that will come in handy as I haven’t bought one for my works Secret Santa!). I’d seen a lovely Pinecone layout in the magazine with white, gold and blue. I had to pair it with the Stag, the rich colours of both fitted so well together.

IMG_5805.jpgNext I needed to pull the page together. I knew I wanted to use the star swirls, again no plan but was determined to put them on the page. After flipping through the magazine for a little while, I found a lovely image of some cuddling Polar Bear. I added this to the page and put the star swirl above it, it’s actually ended up looking a bit like a full moon!


I finished of this main bit of the page with another small swirl, a border from a page in the magazine as a central point and stripey gold shimmer washi to compliment the Stag’s crown. I used a mixture of blue and purple watercolour to fill in the gaps.

The page didn’t quite feel finished and I had some journal card sized artwork. One of which is a Spiritual Woman/Deer, at least that’s how I see her. I backed this with some more mixed media artwork, beautiful purples/blues with yellow/white spoldges, almost looking like fireflies. I used the same washi to create a tip-in centrally on the page.


I’m so pleased with how these pages turned out, I felt so festive creating them!

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