Hello 2018!


Happy New Year!

Yes I am very much aware that it is January the 9th! It’s safe to say this year began with a false start. I entered the year with the usual hopes and aspirations. I don’t make a list of resolutions so to speak but I do enter the year with plans and goals. So I was all set up, mentally at least, to prepare all of my planners and have an overview of how I would like my year to pan out.
Then the Corby cold hit, that’s what I’m calling it anyway. Corby is my hometown and we visited family over Christmas. Some of my family members were under the weather and  we all caught it as well, I brought a little piece of my family back with me! Normally I try to carry on with a cold but this was a bad one! I couldn’t function! I’ve still got it now but luckily it’s in the bearable stage.

Christmas Goodies

I had a lovely Christmas and was fortunate to receive some beautiful gifts. I didn’t get too many planner related items mostly as I hadn’t asked for them. I’ve accumulated a lot of stuff so I didn’t see the point in asking for more. Instead, I received a lot of books, toiletries, pyjamas, some lovely bags that my Mum picked up in South Africa and other lovely bits. I was spoilt really! I’ve picked out a couple of items I’d like to share.

A Year of Tiny Pleasures by Flow is a page-a-day tear away calendar. Each page features an illustrated drawing, a suggestion such as ‘go ice-skating’ and a small tick box. I love the simplicity of it and have already started to use the pages once I’ve gone past the day. I am cutting these out, sticking them into a notebook and writing a response to the promt. I will share this as I get further into it.

Blog Planner by Nicolette Roux This was an item I had on my list. I’d been looking for a blog planner for a while. I’ve tried planners and inserts but I always struggle to keep up. I also got the book the Blogging Made Easy by Amen Sharma as I wanted to starting building my blogging knowledge. I’m hoping to take the advice in this book and pair it with my planner. The planner itself is large, roughly A4 so it won’t be leaving the house regularly. It has a basic, no nonsense layout which is exactly what I want. I want to be able to write down what I need, keep on top of my trackers and have a place to log my blogs success/pros and cons. I’m hoping this will be the planner to help me achieve that. It’s undated so I can work on this at any point.

How to know if your Cat is plotting to Kill you by Matthew Inman This book was bought for me by my other half. I laughed as soon as I opened it as it’s an in-joke within our household that Luna and I have a love/hate relationship. She has a special miaow that she saves for Daniel and barely makes any noises for me, unless it’s to tell me off! I do get some purring but it’s on her terms and only if Daniel is well away from the building!

Earth Pathways Diary  by Earth Pathways This little diary was introduced to me by Geraldine Jayne and it quickly made it’s way onto my Christmas list! I was rubbish when it came to writing a diary last year. I have a full written diary for both 2015 and 2016 but fell off the wagon last year. This really bugged me as I like to have written memories. I have diaries from before the kids were born (unfinished) but it’s nice to see who I was and how I am developing as a person. I love the look and feel of this diary, it has a similar layout in an old Llewellyns diary I used in 2015. I found it easy to keep up as it’s a small area to write in, it means I can write a snippet of my day without feeling the pressure of having to write a huge update.
The diary itself is full or art and poetry all linking to nature. I love the style and the illustrations. I track the moon cycles, this is in here and it’s made for the UK! It’s rare to find such an unusual and visually striking diary that also has moon cycles for the UK. I love it!

Events Ahead

A new year means a fresh run of planner events! These are getting more and more popular, I can’t keep up! Below are a list of some that I am attending, some I want to attend and some I’ve already missed the boat for.

UKPA – The Big Meet – Saturday 3rd February – SOLD OUT
I am on the team for organising The Big Meet, it’s all go at UKPA central! This event is getting closer and closer, I can feel the excitement building! It’s going to be good!

Planner Con – Saturday 21st April – Ticket info to be released
I love Planner Con, it’s my favourite event. It’s so relaxed, there’s a great atmosphere and it’s well organised. I may be a little biased as Planner Con was the first meet I ever went to and it created a positive shift in my life.

Lilac and Dot – Saturday 22nd September – Potentially still tickets for this
If this event isn’t already sold out, then I’m sure it almost is. I attended last year and really enjoyed the day. Natalia who runs the event, pulled all the stops out. The workshops were perfect for any crafty person, even if you don’t usually craft it’s something everyone can get involved with.

Pamper, Plan and Create – Saturday 3rd March – SOLD OUT 
I’m gutted I can’t make this event. I really enjoyed it last year but I totally missed the ticket sales, I think I was at a Hen Do at the time. It was a very relaxed day and I think it’s the one event where I’ve actually had the time to sit and be creative for a substantial amount of time. But you can’t go to them all!

Crafternoon – Get your Craft on for Mind – Saturday 5th May – SOLD OUT
Another one I didn’t want to miss! However I need to be sensible, I’m already attending three events. This event raises money for Mind, which is important to me.

Planner Con Europe – Unknown
I don’t actually know if this is happening this year. Quite a few of my friends went last year and it looked unbelievable! I was so jealous! It would certainly be pricey to do something like that so if tickets do surface, I would need to budget and attempt to have a sensible head!

 Plans for Blog and Shop

The shop still remains on holiday mode. I am working on some digital artwork. I’ve decided to move away from printed artwork as it’s becoming too much of a struggle with day to day life. Also I’m a perfectionist so I struggled with the finished product of my stickers and inserts. They had to be a certain standard or I would obsess! Going digital will give me much more freedom to create and sell. I’m looking to create clip art, scrapbook papers, potential sticker downloads and insert downloads. I will update this as and when I can.

I may be creating a new product. This will be in a seperate shop. It’s in the very early testing stage at the moment so there’s not a lot I can say at this point. If it’s successful and I’m confident with it, I will announce more details.

I want to improve my blog, I always want to improve it haha. I will continue with the Dream, Create, Journal posts and the Mrs Brimbles Patreon posts. I want to include more chatty posts, a bit like this as well as planner setups, other blogs I’ve been reading, art and general creativity.

I will continue my YouTube with the similar theme as above. Filming is definitely one of the hardest things to do, as well as the editing. Time is so precious in my life and it’s rare I get time to myself, even more rare that it’s quiet enough to film! I love my YouTube channel and that keeps me going.

That’s all for now!

Thanks for stopping by,

Kelly xxx

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