February Crafty Bonbons Box


I was going to film this as an unboxing but true to my nature, I recieved the box, opened it like a big child and got carried away.


The Crafty Bonbons Box is a collaboration between Crafty Ali and Bonbons Kawaii. It’s been going for a few months now and I’m kicking myself for not buying sooner! I love a crafty subscription box but for some time there seemed to be loads on the market. It was a bit overwhleming and I couldn’t work out what style was for me.
I also had a lot left over from my Brimbles Box and Lollipop Box orders. So for a good while I didn’t buy any boxes and decided to use what I already had. Both of which are UK boxes.


There then came the change with the postage from the US and that affected any subscription kits coming over to the UK., such as The Planner Society. Personally the postage it too high for myself, particularly for a monthly sub box.

I’d been aware of the Crafty Bonbons box but had deliberately avoided it due to trying to use my stash/save money. It did mean I missed out on the Autumnal box last year which I’m now kicking myself for!


Crafy Ali and Bonbons Kawaii are two shops I’ve had in my purchase history for a few years. They are both some of the earliest Etsy shops I bought from. I love the quirkiness of Bonbons Kawaii and the high quality work from Crafty Ali. Something else I know about these two shops is that they are value for money, you get a lot for what you pay.

When I saw there was a collaboration, I knew it was only a matter of time before I purchased. When the February box arrived I was blown away by the contents. It has a Valentines/Love theme to the box and everything is so carefully selected. Everything matches and there’s so many bits and pieces in there. You could easily set up a planner should you wish to or like me, you can use the contents to scrapbook. In fact, you may even be able to do both! There’s that much in there!


Content in this box varied from scrapbook papers, pen, charms, journal cards, ephemera, washi tape, decorative peices, die cuts, notebook…that’s just off the top of my head!

The price of the box is £20 and that includes shipping (at least to the UK, please check the shop for overseas prices). For the sheer volume of products, quality, delivery speed and customer service, I feel that’s an outstanding price.

You can check out the boxes here

I’ve already ordered my March box which is Pastel themed 😉

Thank you for stopping by,

Kelly xxx

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