Planner Girls Collective: Best of February


I’ve not written a PGC post for ages! This is actually a shorter post but it’s a good opportunity to showcase some blogs from the team. We’ve been asked to choose our two best posts for  February and share each others posts. It’s been a busy month so three of us have contributed.

First of all we have two posts from Emma at Read, Write, Inspire.

Lucy Hall’s Social Media Planner Review by Jennifer Gilmour [Guest Post]

What planner addict isn’t going to be drawn to this? As a blogger I love the look of this planner, social media and blogging go together if you want to market yourself.

My Everyday Planner {Set-up and Overview}

Ooo Emma is spoiling us, another planner post and it’s beautiful! B6 has been the go to Traveller’s Notebook size for the past few months. The colour scheme is scrummy, the setup is clear and straight forward. I’ve always been an admirer of Emma’s planner setups.

Next we have posts from Kerry May at Kerrymay.__.Makes

Self Care and Mood Tracking ideas in your Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal planning and Self Care! Posts like this are dangerous for me as I’m a planner flirt! I get comfortable in one planner, see a post like this and I’m totally swayed! I love how Kerry has brought sketching and colour to the pages, it’s an easy way to achieve daily creativity.

Greyscale Animal Watercolour Bullet Journal Page

This is some artwork inspired by Anna Brim. I think Kerry has done a fantastic job, greyscale can be tricky, especially with watercolours. Combining the artwork with a goals page is a great idea, it fits so well.

Finally we have my two posts.

Power Words

This is my post where I pulled out words from some paragraphs written linked to a self assessment. These are words I want to live by.

Crafting with Mrs Brim

Every month I share a creative post using Anna Brim’s Patreon artwork. This is the February work, I had so much fun creating these spreads.

Finally I wanted to link to the Dream, Create, Journal blog lead by Geraldine Jayne. I contribute with Jeni Bristow but Geraldine is the driving force behind it. She works so hard to make this blog what it is, all ideas area created by her. I’m priviledged to be apart of it.

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