My Creative Journals

I started my planner, crafting, scrapbook, creative journal, whatever you want to call it, process in the Summer of 2015. I had always been interested in creating in a crafty book but it was more of an art journal path with paints, the odd bit of paper and maybe a bit of latex if I was being adventurous.

Creative planning was a brand new concept to me, up until this point I had planned my life on a calendar, my phone and maybe a basic diary. I had nowhere to really express myself.

With planning, I discovered creative journal work. Again up until this point I had kept a written diary, a concept I still work with but I’d never explored anything further. Now I had a whole world of visual memory keeping and self discovery.

I’ve spoken many times about my planners, this post is all about the journals! I love to create beautiful pages in my journals. I can look back over the years and see photographs, journal entries and reponses to prompts.

It’s interesting seeing how I felt at the time compared to how I feel now or comparing my life visually from now to then. I also find it interesting how my style has changed over the years, even things like hand-writing and titles. I never knew about brush lettering at the start. Now I swear by it!

All week I look forward to a Friday night when I can get out all of my journal supplies and create! There’s something freeing about it, there’s no rules, it’s my time to let my mind run wild.

Vision Board
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I’m so satisfied seeing a finished journal, the chunkier the better! There’s nothing better than hearing the sound of the pages turning, the mixed media used making them crinkle noisily as I turn them.

I’ve found different ways to use my journals. At the start I would exclusively memory keep whereas now its more of a free for all. One page will have memory keeping and the next will have mark making. The next could be sketching or finished artwork. It’s makes looking through my journals more wholesome.

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2 thoughts on “My Creative Journals

    1. TheScrapbookGirl

      I do, it depends on my mood. I will have a creative journal which is a mixture of imagery, scrapbooking and writing. I also have some that are writing only.


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