My Scrapbook Storage

I recently wrote a post about my creative journals, a journey that started in 2015 and is still going strong today.

With a creative journal, especially if there’s an element of scrapbooking, you collect a lot of stuff. Paints, pencils, pens, papers, paper die cuts, buttons, wooden die cuts, cork die cuts, stamps, journal cards, ribbon, sticky-notes, the list goes on.

Over time you forget what you’ve got. This can be bad for a number of reasons. One being that you buy multiple version of an item. Or you lose items. Or you remember you had a item but have no chance in finding it!

Another problem is that you can have so much stuff mixed into a box that you struggle to create from the mess. This is where I was. My items were all over the place, in drawers, folders, boxes, pouches…you name it!

So I decided to organise it into a way that worked for me. It took the best part of a day but I got there. I decided to combine my items into sections. After debating the best way to do this, I decided to go with colour.

I started off with main colours such as red and blue but was quickly complicating things by creating a rainbow and pastel pile. I knew I wanted a holiday seasons pile but only for the ones I tended to journal, so I had a Halloween pile and Christmas pile.

I then restricted my structure and stuck to red, green, orange, blue, yellow, pink, purple, black and white, golds/bronze/silver.

This meant I could condense my materials and not over-think things. If I had a pack of mix-colour buttons, I would open it and allocate each button to the corresponding colour pile.

There would be the occasion when an item would have multiple colours. In this case I would pick out the colour I felt was the most dominant and match it to a pile.

Once I had finally finished organsing my stash, I needed a way to store it. I took all of the smaller, easy to lose items and put them in a selophane envelope bag. I then took this with the bigger items and put them into an A4 storage wallet. This was folded at the top and held closed with a clip.

Finally I stored these in box folders with the wallet colours written on the side of the file. I’ve currently wrote this is pencil whilst I’m stiff trialing it. These are now stored neatly under my desk and if I need to find something, I have a much better chance than I did before.

IMG_0650 IMG_0649

I’ve found it much easier to work with this storage as I can work to a colour scheme. I can combine complimentary colours as well by choosing 2-3 storage wallets. I’m no longer shuffling through drawers and boxes with no real plan and eventually giving up. It has also allowed me to see what I actually have and has allowed me to curb my spending. My worst habit is being in a craft shop and buying a little thing here and there. My mind works in colour so I can visually picture what is in each wallet and question if I need the item.

I must say I’m really enjoying working with this new concept and I’ve created a lot more for it.

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