Galaxy Painting

Using the tutorial by Anna on her Patreon, I had a go at the Galaxy Painting using the layered watercolour wet media technique.

I chose to work with a mixture of purples and blues. I started off making sure my pages were completely wet and gently placed the brush in random spots. The wetness allowed the paint to bleed onto the page. The process itself was very relaxing as you had to work slowly.


Typically as I have a busy home life, I had to set the page aside and come back to it. The benefit of this was that I was able to create a little bit of art during a particularly busy week.

When I returned to the artwork, I quickly wet the page again. I actually did this at speed with a large brush, however I would be tempted to try a wet spray bottle to see what outcome that would give.


I then began the same process of adding colour and allowing it to dry. This process was completed around five times. As I got higher up in my watercolour layers, I started to add lighter colours to give some depth to the page.


Once dry I loved being able to see the paint layers at the edge of the painting as well as the separate tones throughout the page. To finish it, I added the words ‘shine bright’ with a gold brush pen as well as a shimmer brush pen. I also added a few stickers from Little Rainbow Moon. 


If you’re interested in watercolour and other painting/art techniques, check out Anna’s Patreon here.

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