This month on the Dream, Create, Journal blog we’ve been working with the word ‘Bloom’. The lovely Jo at Little Rainbow Moon created a custom kit for us! I was absolutely delighted when I found out as I’ve followed Jo’s work right from the very start.

The kit had a floral spring design with uplifting quotes.

The items in the kit were:

Washi (Little Rainbow Moon’s design)
Journal cards
Die cuts
Vellum with Jo’s artwork

When I started to journal I wasn’t quite sure where I wanted to begin. I was faced with the dreaded white space on a page! To conquer this, I dug out my watercolours and splashed colour swatches all over the page to match the kit.


I wanted to use the vellum as I have a terrible habit for stashing things. I have so many nice things put to one side that I haven’t used! I decided to cut the vellum in half and stick it on the outer edges of the page. These would then open to reveal the creativity behind them. I’ve stuck a word sticker on both as I now see them as doors, the stickers being the door handles.

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I then knew I wanted to do something with the journal cards but typically being me, I wanted to include them all! After carefully deciding, I chose one to be the focal card for the page. This quote said ‘you’ve got to nourish to flourish’. There’s a few things going on in my life at the moment and they require a certain degree of effort. Things won’t simply happen, I need to put the work in to see the benefit and gain from it. This quote encompasses exactly that.


Now what to do with the other cards? I’d previously made vellum pockets in my sketchbook and it’s a feature I really like. Pockets and hidden sections in books have always sparked my imagination. I decided that the rest of these cards would live in a pocket and I could take them out when I look at this page. I decorated the front of the pocket with my favourite die cut in the kit. The design on the vase reminds me a lot of some crockery we had when I was young.


Some cards have a quote and some are blank with a space to journal. I used the word stickers on these with the idea that these will act as a prompt for later.


After further decorating the page, I still needed to fill the middle space.
I bought a book a while ago named ‘The Year of You’ by Hannah Briame.
It’s a book full of journal prompts. I haven’t really used it yet so decided to have a look through and see if any spoke to me. One prompt read ‘what are you most proud of in your life right now?’. I liked this prompt as it allows me to look over my accomplishments. It’s so easy to look at the negatives and obsess over failures. However it’s not so easy to list accomplishments and look forward, for me anyway. This prompt was a beneficial exercise and perfect for this page.

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That’s all for now, thank you for stopping by,

Kelly xxx

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