April Catch Up


How is it almost the end of April? I constantly find myself looking over the amount of stuff I want to do vs the amount of stuff I’ve actually achieved. I had a bit of a wobble earlier this month as I was getting fed up with feeling like I had so many unaccomplished projects. As a person with a creative mind, I’m forever being distracted by new ideas and projects.

I’ve lost count of the amount of projects I want to work on, big and small. It got to the point where me being me, I would spend a lot of time attempting to pick a project then instead reading a book, playing a game on my phone or having a nap! This is at the same time as being a Mum/managing a household and going to my day job at the Vets.

In the end it made me begin to resent work, a job I normally enjoy, as that sapped my energy. It also started to creep into my Mum life, a big no no! So I had to take action and sort it out.

I’m not Superwoman, I’m me. I have limits. I had to take a seat back and work out what I wanted to be constant in my life. Projects or creative work that I would routinely feature in my life.

Blog – My blog is one of these constants, it was a goal at the start of the year to improve it and still is. I have a blog planner with posts I aim towards over the month, so far I’m managing to achieve most of these!

YouTube – I still want to work on my channel but not to the level I was before. Creating videos is extremely time consuming and takes a lot of preparation. It can be difficult to do this in a busy household and on a tight schedule. However I still want to post videos when I can, I will attempt to make these regular even if it’s once a month. Lisa at the Lollipop Box Club has encouraged me to attempt more day in the life vlogs. I was reluctant as I felt my day to day life can be a bit dull however Lisa feels others may not see it that way, especially as a Mum. I also want to include more planner setups and how to videos.

Shop(s) – The Scrapbook Girl shop has been closed for ages! This was never the intention but time has gotten away from me. The plan has been to transform into a digital store with clip art, digital papers, digital inserts and digital stickers. I already have a few of my own designs from when the shop was open and in print. I’m now finally in the process of collating all of this artwork and preparing to list it on the shop. Bear with me, it’s all been moved back from an external hard drive and needs organising. I’ve also started some new drawings but it’s slow going.
As well as The Scrapbook Girl shop, I’m going to be opening a brand new shop! This will be in a new direction and slightly away from the planner community. It will have a new age theme with jewellery, journal/reference cards and other ideas I dream up. It’s very much in it’s infancy at the moment.

Creative Projects – with so much going on, this will be the area that slows down the most. It’s not been an easy decision as it’s an area I love. However, due to my nature I can’t be working on a project without feeling it has a purpose. Whether it be to make profit, bring joy to others or learning a new skill for use, I cannot work solely on fun projects for me. If I do, the result is that I no longer enjoy what I’m doing, I don’t get rewards from it and I feel a bit useless. It’s simply who I am. So to make this work, I allow Friday evenings and maybe a Saturday to be my creative nights. I have plenty to choose from and after working hard on the areas above, I can relax and enjoy what I’m doing.

So what else?

Credit Lisa Saunders

This weekend I went to Planner Con hosted by Mrs Brimbles. It is hands down my favourite planner event. It’s relaxed and organised really well. It was a one day event this year and I loved every minute. We were spoilt with shopping time, workshops and talks and scrapbooking/journal time in between. As usual I spent too much money but it was worth it! We didn’t have a goody bag this year, instead we were introduced to a different approach. This was that every attendee received a £10 voucher to use on any stall. It worked so well as it got everyone up and about, it felt as if you had free money and people who perhaps weren’t able to spend at stalls now could!

Credit Geraldine Jayne

I purposely chose not to document the day. I wanted to be an attendee (as well as helping on the StitchnWeave stall). Time goes so quickly, I really wanted to journal whilst I was there as I’d received my Lollipop Box. I will link a few channels at the bottom of the post if you want to have a taster of the day.



One of my Dad’s dog’s Harley enjoying the Hammock

The weekend before Planner Con I visited my hometown of Corby. I hadn’t seen my Mum since the end of February and hadn’t seen my Dad since Christmas! A visit was definitely in order. It was a chilled weekend, the kids loved having time with family. It was a really hot weekend so we had a BBQ at my Dad’s and had the fire pit on the go!

New Group


I am one of the admins of a new Facebook group named For the love of Planners. This is a brand new group for anyone who loves planning and creative journal work. It’s been started by Geraldine and she wanted to create a group that inspires people. There’s a lot of negativity in the world at the moment and she wanted a creative retreat for people to visit. You can find the group here, please take time to read the group rules.

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Planner Con Links

Anna’s Prep

*balloon photo credit – Geraldine Jayne*


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