All the colours of the Rainbow


I’m a little late posting this but I’ve been working with Anna Brim’s Patreon artwork from April. I loved this selection of work because it’s so colourful! I decided to order the April Brimbles box and have included a few bits from there with my pages.

In the first spread I’ve experimented with colour. Anna has taken raindrops and instead of having only blue, she has used a full spectrum of colours. I have created tip-ins on this page with journal cards as I love added decoration and layers.
When I looked for writing to have on the page, I found a poem named ‘The Rainbow Witch’ by Amy Ludwig Vanderwater.  It’s a short poem that doesn’t take itself seriously, a playful prose for the page.


The second spread in contrast to the bright rainbow page is much darker. I’ve used purples and greens on this page. Purple a very spiritual, powerful colour so it felt right for the page. I decided to work with a journal prompt on this page with a bit of self exploration. Using a the book ‘The Year of You’ by Hannah Braime,  I chose the prompt, “What is one quality you embody today that you hope to keep for the rest of your life?”.
I then did a bit of soul searching and answered this prompt across the page.


The third spread wasn’t actually planned and came by playing with the artwork. I knew I wanted to use these elements but wasn’t sure how. So in true style for me I arranged them on the pages and allowed my creative nature to run free. These pages had already had some blue paint spillages on the edge so I decided to work with it and I quite like how it’s turned out.


That’s all from me for now,

Kelly xxx

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