Create Your Life Book – Tamara Laporte


I’m so excited to tell you about a book I’ve been reading and practising recently. It’s called ‘Create Your Life Book’ by Tamara Laporte.

So what is it?

I came across it when I was searching for creative books on Kindle. I tend to download samples and see if it sparks my imagination. This book grabbed me straight away and I decided to buy a hard copy. The cover explains that this is a book of ‘mixed-media art projects for expanding creativity and encouraging personal growth’.

These two areas are coming together a lot in my life at the moment. After working on March Magic, I felt this was a good direction to follow it up with.

Now I’m a stickler for buying books and taking forever to getting round to using them. Fiction books are fine but non-fiction/inspirational books sometimes get put to one side.

That hasn’t happened with this book, in fact quite the opposite!

It’s been so easy to continuously pick it up and reading pages. I’ve completed two of the projects which is good considering at the time of writing I’ve had it a week and I have a day job plus a family to look after. I’ve already learnt tips and tricks I’ve either shied away from before or haven’t had a clue about.

Getting Started

The first piece of work was a Zentangle Butterfly. The idea was to create a piece where the Butterfly flew away from negativity and towards positivity. The project encourages you to work with stencils and ink, something I haven’t done for a while. I also got to play with bright colours which again I have’t done for some time. I love how it turned out, it’s so much better than I was expecting!

Project number two

The next piece was a self portrait. I cannot draw faces for the life of me, let alone my own face! This project teaches you techniques with certain mediums to create a transfer of an image and then work over it. I genuniely did not think the exercise would work. It involves transferring a printed image. In this case a inkjet printed image onto 80gsm paper and using a gel medium to literally transfer that ink to the page underneath. It’s magic! I could not believe it worked!

You then use colour mediums to apply tone to the image. I decided to use watercolours for my face followed with some wax pastels. You are then encouraged to add ephemera and more paints/pens to pull the image together.

At one point I was annoyed that my image was so different to the book (completely different), however I had to remind myself that this is not what this is about. The book is about you having your own self discovery, inviting you to experiment and be free through your art. Being brave enough to trust what will happen on the page and not judging.

If self discovery and mixed media art is something you’re interested in then I highly recommend you check it out. The step by step tutorials make it easy to follow and by the end of the book you will have a beautiful collection of pieces for your Life Book. I bought the book here

Thanks you stopping by,

Kelly xxx

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