Creating for the Soul

I recently went to the EllieBethDesignsUK meet up. I’d fell into a bit of a creative slump so this meet up is just what I needed. What I love about these meet ups, apart from the fact that they are local, is the time you get to craft at them. This is the second year of the event and I love that it has smaller number of attendees. Sometimes the big numbers can be a little daunting at events, smaller numbers mean you relax quicker and acclimatise to your environment.

There were three talks over the day. Rachel of EBDUK did a talk about Self Care, what it means to her and how it’s helped her.

This tied in nicely to Geraldine’s workshop after which showed us how to create a pocket with affirmation tags and notecards. The idea being that you create a little pocket with positivity and affirmations. Something to help you when you’re working towards something or need a pick me up. It can be taken around with you in your bag and you can look at it whenever you need to.

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Our family are currently house hunting, first time buyers. It’s very exciting as well as scary and we’ve no idea what will happen. The workshop pocket came as a pack and each one had a quote card affirmation. Mine said “if it doesn’t open, it’s not your door”. I teamed this up with vellum and a journal card from Mrs Brimbles. I then stuck a little more vellum over the words “if it doesn’t open” and “not” so that it reads “open your door”. I’ve been told before when looking for rental property that when a house was snapped up before us, it was not meant to be. I believe this will be the same with buying. This is still in progress but I also have tags with pretty ribbons attached to them.



We then broke for lunch and some more crafting time. Lunch was amazing! A full spread of salads and lasagne catered to meat eaters, vegan and vegetarian. We then had deserts, trifle, chocolate mouse or blueberry crumble.




After this we had a workshop with Mama Makes. Not long before this I received a belated birthday gift from Jeni, a pouch full of Brushos. The Mama Makes workshop used Brushos! I’ve never properly heard of them before this event! Mama Makes is all about homemade stamps so for the workshop we created a page with Brusho colours using a small sprinkle of pigment and spraying it with water. Once dry we used the stamps on the page. My page now has pride place in my journal.




The last workshop was with Mrs Brimbles showing us her memory keeping journals and teaching us how to make an insert. I took these lessons and created this when I got home, I’m so pleased with it. I’ve never bound assetate, vellum etc into my inserts so I was inspired by learning a new hack.





I’m pleased to say I am out of my creative slump, yey! I have been journaling away since I got home, as well as house hunting, being a Mum, working…the usual.

One last thing, we were totally spoilt for cake on the day. I ate my weight in cake! That alone will have me booking my ticket for next year!

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