How to get out of a creative slump with Mrs Brimbles


I haven’t done a Mrs Brimbles post for a little while. This is because I currently have had so much going on and sitting down to create is few and far between. So instead of showing you what I’ve been up to, as there hasn’t really been a great deal of creativity, I thought instead I would list why I love Mrs Brimbles products. I’m forever starting my posts by saying the products are so easy to work and create with but I never elaborate on this point. 

I fully stand by what I say, it’s really easy to get creative with Mrs Brimbles products. I recently attended the EBDUK meet up and Anna had her stall there. The nature of the day was to have a lot of crafting between talks and workshops. It was so nice to have Anna’s stall right there, if I had any inspiration or ideas, I would pop over to the stall and purchase stickers, vellum, scrapbook paper, ephemera, whatever I needed, it was there waiting to be bought and used. 

So from my point of view, this is why I think Mrs Brimbles products are amazing:

Easy to work with

The products are very versatile, they can be used for creative journaling, planning, happy mail, pocket letters, art journal work, the list goes on. For me personally, being in a creative journal slump this is where I really appreciate these products. Simply placing different elements on a page will stir my creativity, they’re that easy to work with. The inspiration is right there for you.

Colour schemes and size of artwork

Yey Anna has brought the Brimbles box back! This means you can appreciate a kit that’s been carefully put together. The kits now feature all of Anna’s own artwork. 

I’ve found that the size of the products works well, the ephemera for example is created to a decent size. Some kits offer small ephemera that can be tricky to use on a creative spread. Anna’s ephemera gets you past the fear of white space and makes it more possible to visually pull a page together. If you’re a mum like me with no time but really want to create, Anna’s work makes this possible. 


I love how unique Anna’s artwork. It’s Anna’s own style, you can see it’s hers as soon as you look at it. It’s clean and bold. It’s timeless design, I’ve been buying Mrs Brimbles products since 2015 and will continue to do so. The designs from that year are still fresh today. 

Always available 

You can still buy Anna’s artwork even after the box month has passed. There are other boxes out there that once the months theme has passed, you can no longer buy that box or the contents. This means there are groups on Facebook where people will post ‘ISO – in search of’ posts. 

If they are lucky, they will be able to get ahold of that pack of ephemera from March 2017 that they have been desperate for. If they are lucky that pack will remain untouched and it’s contents will be intact. IF they are lucky they won’t have to pay a small fortune for it, higher than what it would have been at the original price and definitely higher than it’s manufacturing price. 

There is no need for this with Anna’s work, if you see something you like that she has created, there is a good change you can visit her shop and find what you’re looking for, brand new (this excludes the Mrs Brimbles Planners and any other limited edition items).

Another point, as this area of accessibility to stock is a huge bonus, is the fact that you can avoid hoarding your stash! I am a typical buyer who will then obsess over how I will use the artwork. I have creation fear, I know that once it’s used in a journal or created into a dashboard in a planner, that’s it. This can sometimes hold me back from using something ‘just in case’. Being able to buy the product again if I want to makes me create, knowing it’s not the only version I can get of this particular item. 

Quality and value for money

All of Anna’s products are made to a high standard whilst being kind to your wallet, you get your money’s worth. Anna is meticulous with how things look and the end product. You can be confident that what you buy will be the best material she can find, the card isn’t flimsy, the sticker paper is good quality, the print is bold and bursting with colour. 

The artwork alone is a process, Anna works very hard and takes time to choose drawings and designs that she wants people to enjoy working with. 

So if I’ve swayed you to have a look at some of Mrs Brimbles products, click here to visit the shop and happy creating!

Kelly xxx

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