Summer Artage


I meant to post this last weekend but unfortunately I came down with a nasty stomach bug. I haven’t been that poorly for years! Naturally this pushed everything back especially as I hadn’t gotten round to doing much of the artwork, I’d only started the prep. 

So it’s later than planned but this is my most recent Brimbles post. I’ve taken some of the Patreon artwork from June and July. 

My first page is a a prepped page only. This will be a self exploratory page so I don’t want to share what I’ll write. However I want to still show it’s current layout as it’s a good example of how I begin a page. I find elements that either speak to me or I feel work well together. These are placed onto either an already prepped background (as was this page) or I add colour afterwards to match. I can then come back to it later. In this case I feel there’s an element of soul searching with the imagery used. I always seem to have something going on in my life and pages like this are therapeutic for me. 



The second page used Anna’s Lemon artwork. I love seeing a lemon theme, I’m not sure how it’s became popular but I’m so glad it has! Lemon’s remind me of Italy, of my family on my mum’s side. They make me think of cleanliness and things being fresh. Bright yellow fruit against a strong green leaf. This page didn’t need much inspiration or change, the print is already gorgeous. All I wanted to do was extend it further across the page.



The third page is my hippy page with flowers and music! This page sort of fell together, the drawings are beautiful. In truth they didn’t need colour but I decided to play, the beauty of Patreon means I can print them again so I can ignore that inner perfectionist part of me.



My fourth page plays homage to the Sea. I’m not a summer girl and the idea of a crammed British beach makes me recoil. The type of beach I like is virtually deserted, rare but it’s possible to find them at the right time of year. It’s clean, the sand is soft, the sea is clear…even if it is full of seaweed! If not this I love a beach where there isn’t any sand and it’s in fact small stones, the water is crystal clear and there’s a unpolluted feel to it. 



The sea itself fascinates me. It’s an entire world that we share on a planet and yet there’s so much we still don’t know about the sea. Some of the most beautiful colour collections can be found under the sea.

I may not really be a summer girl but I can certainly appreciate the beauty of it.



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