Moving House Planner

We are buying a house! Finally after years of wishing for it, we are purchasing a house and moving away from the rental market. What does any Planner Girl need when moving house? A moving house planner of course!

Which Planner?

I have many planners which I’ve collected over the years. I knew I wanted A5 due to the amount I would be putting into the planner. I also wanted to draw floor plans so A5 made sense. I did buy a clear ring-binder planner with the intention of setting that up, however the rings ended up being smaller than I expected.

In the end I decided to go with my light grey Kikki K, which was sold as a Wellness Planner. It’s slightly oversized, the rings are huge and it has multiple pockets. This used to be my blogging planner and it has a familiarity I gravitate to.

How did I approach the setup?

I wasn’t sure where to start when setting up my moving house planner. The whole experience is brand new as we are first time buyers. What sections do I put in? So I started where I always do and went to YouTube.

There weren’t a lot on offer for this area of interest. However there were enough videos to spark my interest:


Mackenzie Carhart

Both of these are the US so there may be a slight difference in how things are done. At some point I will film my one, perhaps further into the process so I can reflect on what worked and what didn’t.

After this I went to another place of interest, Pinterest! Compared to YouTube, there was an absolute abundance of images and links to blog posts. I highly recommend Pinterest if you are setting up a moving house planner. 

Sections of My Planner

This was perhaps one of the hardest parts of setting up the planner. There is so much to consider. After reading blogs and watching videos I was brimming with ideas. I decided to make a list, it was a form of brain dump as it didn’t have any structure. If I had an idea, it went on the list.

I then took these points and attempted to put them into categories. It took a few attempts. I started by putting a number next to a point, the first one was 1, the second 2 the third was similar to the top so that became a 1 as well, following this pattern. I worked to a limit of 6 as this was the number of dividers I wanted. Once finished I named the numbers as a category and created a divider for it. This was all done with the power of pens, paper and sticky notes!

The sections are as follows:

  • Planner Countdown
  • Lists
  • Packing
  • Contacts
  • Finances
  • New Home

The Planner Countdown section acts almost as a monthly section. However there are other elements to factor in. Pinterest offered a few images showing when to plan certain events, alerting our Landlord, booking removal company etc. Elements such as this also go into this section.

Lists is almost a bit of a miscellaneous section. If I need to make a list and I don’t know where to put it, it will start here. Eventually it will either move to a section that corresponds with it or simply stay where it is.

Packing is quickly becoming a big section. I suppose as it is relevant to now. It is one of the overwhelming sections as we have so much stuff! To ease this, I have created an aerial floor plan of each room of the house. Nothing fancy, a simple sketch. I can then break the rooms down, there is a large cupboard in the main bedroom. This houses a lot of my craft stuff as well as a box of shoes and bags. There is also fabric and who knows what else! This has been broken down into two sections. The top half of the cupboard and the lower. I’ve sorted my craft stuff, I need to tackle the top shelf of unknown! I will follow the same pattern with all areas of the house, one bit at a time.

Contacts is becoming a very important section. If I jot down anything elsewhere, e.g. a removal company, this will be added to the contacts. If I see a place that sells kitchens I like (the house is a fixer upper), then that will get added. You don’t realise quite how much you look at during this process, a magazine, a website, word of mouth. If it’s not written down then it gets forgotten, contacts is a vital section for avoiding this.

Finances hold anything to do with the solicitors, mortgage, broker, savings, it’s self explanatory in that sense. If I see something that’s a good price, for example a new craft desk (!!) then that will go in there. There will be an element of cross over but the price of things will need to be included in finances so that I can keep on top of what’s being spent.

New Home is all about the new house. In here I have images of the house as it is right now so that I can plan how I want it to look. I also have images of of house interiors for inspiration. As well as this I have lists to help me plan what to do when we move, an emergency box is a good one. A box that contains essentials, a torch, toilet roll, tea/coffee, kettle, keys, list of contacts, easy food…pretty much what we took camping!

Lastly I have extra pockets. These will hold paperwork that I either need to keep safe or needs to be handed to the solicitor/broker.

Current Thoughts

Once it was setup, it took me a little while to actually use the planner. It was mainly a place to keep paperwork and contacts. In that sense it was very useful. However as things are slowly starting to move in the right direction, I am beginning to fill out the sections. At the moment I feel like I need to focus on the current house. So apart from all of the legal stuff and paperwork, I’m mainly focussing on packing. It’s currently going through the weird quiet stage where the solicitors are doing all of their important bits. Then we will hopefully get news of the go ahead and we will close, pay our deposit and get a date. THEN it will go 100mph. That’s when I will need my planner. Each box will have a list of contents within the planner which will be a blessing when we get to the new house!

For now wish my family and I luck!


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2 thoughts on “Moving House Planner

  1. Anna

    This is lovely. I recently moved as well and my pocket planner came quite in handy for taking measurements and getting the right sized furniture. But no where even close to how nicely you’ve set up yours. Good luck to you and your family on the move.


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