Self Exploration

I’m back with some creative journal pages using Anna’s Patreon artwork. I followed my usual process of printing images I like, positioning them around me and placing them on pages until I found something that worked. As usual this resulted in multiple pages, I can’t help myself!


In the first spread I have combined Anna’s mixed media background with her sketches of girls with balloons. The background features clouds and has a pastel rainbow theme. I liked the childlike look of the artwork. I have used a pink highlighter to add a border, it’s the sort of colour I would have been drawn to when I was young. At this stage I’m tempted to leave it as it is. This is difficult for me as I love to cram loads onto a page. However sometimes simplicity is best.

As busy as a Bee

The next page features Anna’s Bee artwork. I love Bee’s, my garden is always full of them! I love watching a big fat Bumblebee going about their business from flower to flower. There’s no hurrying, they go at their own pace but still get the job done. There’s also a flip side where they will work and work until they’re exhausted and the sugar water is presented to them (by me). Bee’s are important to me, they show me that yes, work hard and you will achieve your goals. However sometimes you need to rest and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Express yourself

The next page has a Boho/self exploration theme. I’ve used my favourite colours and I’ve explored the open minded side of myself. I’ve used words and phrases that encourage me, some repeated in the background. I’ve pulled out the symbols of triangles as it’s a very spiritual shape, the sense of infinity but also of comfort. I’ve used three stickers with star signs as at the time of creation, my friends with these star signs were supportive to me. The page itself is open to interpretation, every time I look at it I see or feel something different.


The last page is a tribute to one of my longest group friendships in the Planner Community. Louise on the right (with the crown) is the very first planner girl I met face to face. I was absolutely terrified going to Cambs Planner Con 2016, I travelled and stayed in the hotel by myself. I’d never done anything like that! I met up with Louise and she was this bubble of energy and positivity. We spoke as if we’d known each other forever and it immediately put me at ease. I couldn’t help but smile as her giddy personality is infectious.
I then met Jeni (in the comedy glasses on the left) the next day at Planner Con. I knew someone was travelling from the same town as me and you couldn’t make it up, this person was Jeni who just happened to sit right next to me! Our personalities was freakishly similar, we now joke that we are the same person.
Louise, Jeni and I were sat together and hit it off straight away. We all live locally to each other and not long after met up again for cake and tea.
Obviousaly I met many other people that day, people who I’d met online and finally got to see in person. However the immediate connection with Louise and Jeni was something special, it blew away any anxities I had and I came back a different person.

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