Setting up a new Creative Journal


A few weeks ago I started setting up a new creative journal for Autumn. The original set up for this was inspired by Daisy aka My Green Cow. I have used her September Challenge as a prompts list. Clearly it is not September however if I find a list I like, I will use it at any time of the year (within reason).

There’s also a very helpful video that got me started. Within the video, Daisy mentions having a basket on her desk that contained all of the elements she would need work on her journal.

I decided to interpret this for my own journal. Firstly I had to choose a size.
I have a few completed creative journals that I am proud of and A number of these are standard Traveller’s Notebook size. I find it’s a size that works well for me, it’s tall enough to divide the page evenly but not so wide that you have the dreaded empty white space. I found the perfect notebook for Autumn, it has a Pumkin cover!

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Notebook decided, I then had to find my elements. Earlier this year I went through the majority of my craft items and organised them by colour. These are stored in plastic wallets in box folders. The wallets have bulldog clips to hold them closed and the box folders all have large elastic bands around them. It’s not the most galmorous of storage but it works for me.

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This meant that I could pick a colour scheme of predominantly orange, black and yellow (like Candy Corn!) and add the occasional purple, green, red and white to shake it up a bit. Viewing the items as a colour over what the image is helped to build my journal stash far quicker.

This all lives in a small box and the fiddly items are stashed in a pencil case. Any large scrapbook papers are put to one side and I have another pencil case for glue, pens/pencils, ruler and scissors. Lastly I also have a small pencil case with water brushes (brushes that have a chamber for water), watercolours and double sided sticky tape.

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In terms of setting up the journal I didn’t overthink the process. It’s not quite finished yet but I’m not seeing it as a project with a deadline, it’s supposed to be my escape from a busy day.

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When I have a quiet evening, I pull few items from my box and place them on the page. If I like how they look, I stick them down.  If I can’t find a paper with the colour I needed, I paint it instead. Having the colour scheme and some seasonal Halloween and Autumnal items certainly helps the process. The preparation of gathering the items means I avoid wasting time digging through my craft stash trying to find a specific leaf or ribbon!

The only rule I have tried to stick to is leaving space for journal writing. It’s easy to get carried away! When I have completed the journal I intend to film a flip through. For now it’ll just have to be preparation sneak peeks.

Thank you for stopping by,

Kelly xxx


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