Well hello there…

Hello Everyone!

I think it’s maybe a little late to say welcome to 2019, it’s almost the end of January!

It’s been roughly three months since I last posted. I never intended to leave it this long, in fact I started a draft post and never got round to finishing it. So much has changed in my life in a short space of time.

The House

Firstly we are now Home Owners. We moved house from our rental to our very own home on the 16th November 2018. We did own the home prior to this for a few weeks but there was a lot of work to do before we moved in.

There is still a lot of work to do.

All of the rooms need the wallpaper stripping, plastering and painting. We have currently completed the living Room and one Bedroom, I should probably point out the Living Room is the largest room in the house. This is just the walls.

All rooms will need either a new carpet or laminate flooring, none of this has yet been done. Doesn’t really make sense with all the work that will be done above it.

New light fixtures need putting in around the house, jobs that will be done here and there. As well as blinds/curtains.

Bathroom is a complete re-do. However it functions for now so I’m happy.

The Kitchen. Oh my word, the kitchen. It had a lowered ceiling with foam type blocks you would see in an office. The decor is something from the 70s. There’s a carpet. First thing I did was get the ceiling removed and had it raised. This took a lot of work as it needed re-boarding, plastering and I chose to have spotlights put in. The difference in the light in the room afterwards was unbelievable. The next plan is to get a new kitchen! We have a design agreed with a company. The kitchen is dark at the moment due to the design, the new layout is much brighter and modern. I can’t wait! We’ve almost got our finances prepared to go ahead with this!

That’s the house. A lot going on, I’m forever chasing my tail trying to get things sorted.

The Career

The other big event was I started a new job! I no longer work at the Vets as a Receptionist. I miss being around Animals but I needed to go back to my Career. I’ve trained as a Creative Artworker and have a past in this. I’ve worked for quite a few well known companies in the UK. Some Freelance work and one particular employment was for over 3 years.

I now work for The Hut Group. They’re a company who own multiple online retail sites in the Beauty, Lifestyle, Wellbeing and Luxury sectors. I work on the Beauty Team and I’m already learning so much!

Planner Girl Pin by FiloFabulouss

It took me a while to get back into the swing of things. I’d been out of the industry for 6 years, I’d done my own creative work but not worked professionally. You don’t realise how much you forget when you’re no longer doing technical work like that.

Fortunately a lot is coming back and I’m getting there. I’ve already done so much in three months. I’ve worked across all of the beauty brands, I’ve ranged from online material to print. I’ve been given a lot of art direction and I’ve been on a Photoshoot! An opportunity I wouldn’t have gotten near in past companies.

As with everything it comes with challenges and there’s been a lot of adjusting. It’s full time but it’s pro-rata so I work 9-4, Mon-Fri. Add 2-3 hours of travel time/Child drop offs and collection. This has meant the whole family has had to adjust, it certainly wasn’t straight forward but we’ve got a routine now.

The other challenge, hinted above, is time. Naturally having a house to renovate, a job, a family, this leaves little time for crafting and blogging. Any free time I get, I will have down time with Daniel and the Kids. I do get some time to myself during the month but nothing like it was before.

The Scrapbook Girl

So what does this mean for the blog?

I will still be writing. I’ve renewed my site host account for another 3 months to see how I get on. I still want to blog and I do still craft. I have some journals filmed to upload from over Christmas. I’ve managed to create a few pages this month but it’s when I have the energy and inspiration. I’m feeling a great need to creatively write so I’ll see if anything happens there. But I’m still here, I still plan. I have a Clever Fox planner (which can be seen on my Instagram) for day life and I use a pocket Websters Pages for work notes. I’ll always be a planner!

Thank you for stopping by,
Kelly xx

Vector artwork by Freepik

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