The Scrapbook Girl – Update


I’ve decided to change the blog and re-brand. This decision has been thrown around for quite some time. The reason for this is that I want to broaden the topics I talk about. Up until now the blog has mostly been niche and scaled down to planning and crafts. Although I still love both, these are two areas that have reduced in my life. I have attempted to run seperate blogs, talking about other areas of interest. However this meant I was running numerous blogs and the result meant that I was no longer posting at all. To avoid this I have decided to accumulate all interests into this blog.

The Scrapbook Girl

For now, this will remain the same with a more classic look and feel. I have had other names on the spin off blogs and researched new names. Nothing really struck me as a definite one for change. Also, it would mean starting again. I’m sure there is a way to buy a new domain name and apply it to my current platform (maybe?) but this is beyond my knowledge. I’ve spent more time debating over the name and style, that it’s slowed me from doing anything else! It’s time to begin. 


The Scrapbook Girl has predominantly been about creativity, scrapbooking and planning. I want to open it up to the following categories:

Crafting and Planning

Currently the majority of the posts on this blog fall into this category. As the name suggests there is an element of planning, which means setting up a planner (e.g. notebook, bullet journal, ring-bound, traveler’s notebook). The base of this is to plan day to day life and set goals. It then develops into creative planning which involves decorating/setting up specific inserts. Planning covers a wide spectrum. You can have a day to day planner, blogging planner, wedding planner, pregnancy planner, gardening planner, reading planner…the list is endless.
The crafting side of this category was anything to with creative journals, scrapbooking, unboxings for crafty products, junk journals, creative challenges, memory keeping. Again it’s a subject with a lot of variations.


I work for a company that has beauty as large part of the business. Although I do wear cosmetics, I’ve never really known how to properly apply it. Which may sound foolish for a 34 year old woman but it’s never been a big part of my life. I’ve always been minimal about my make up but there’s times when I’ve wanted to do more, usually after a particularly bad nights sleep. I’m slowly learning and will feature some cosmetics that have worked for me on the blog.
I’m also interested in skincare products. I would say this interests me more than cosmetics as your skin is your canvas. I love it when I find something that works and works well.
With this category, I will feature some products from my place of work but it won’t be limited to that.  


This category will encompass my interests with literature, film and tv, gaming and tech. It’s is an area that I visit every day in one way or another. If my blog is to become more lifestyle, then it makes sense to discuss these topics. It is an area I’m still working out, I may adjust the topics slightly to include blogs I’m reading, YouTube channels I’m watching and mobile phone games I’m playing.
The reality is, due to being busy Mum who works full time, I rarely go to the cinema (unless it’s a kids film) and as much as I love console gaming, I never have the time. So this category may stray away from the obvious.


This was initially going to be with beauty as a doubled named category. As I started to explore it, I soon realised it could do with a category of it’s own. With wellness I will explore mental health (my own experiences with anxiety). Physical health where I will discuss fitness and general health including my own experiences with Endometriosis. I should probably mention that I’m not particularly big on exercise and it’s an area I need to improve. 

My Life

This will be my chatty posts, time with the family and the potential odd rant. This is where I will cover life as a Mum, past experiences to present. 

So that’s the plan, I won’t know how it will pan out until I start. My tagline used to be “Paper. Paint. Create.” However this no longer fits the blog. I will be changing this to “laying life down one piece at a time”, playfully taking the scrapbook idea and combining this with a lifestyle theme. 


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