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Recently the family took a trip to Edinburgh. I decided that one of the things I wanted to do whilst there was visit Lush. The Edinburgh branch is a fairly decent sized store and is one that has an onsite Spa (hence why the shop front says “Lush Spa”).
Unfortunately I wasn’t there for a spa experience that day, it was a shopping day. Another time maybe!
I see Lush as a luxury spend as for me, unless you go for one or two items, your total can rise quickly. There will be many reasons behind the price points including the usage of natural ingredients that are Vegan friendly and that they are all handmade.

The Golden Egg – RRP £4.95

I didn’t purchase this but wanted to give it a mention as it is fabulous! This was on my original list however it’s a bubble bar and we currently don’t have a bath, only a shower. Also, I was in Lush to purchase items that would last a bit longer, I would get a few uses out of a bubble bar but not as many as I would like. When I have the luxury of a bathtub then I will purchase one. It smells amazing and it’s covered in golden glitter, something to keep in mind as it gets stuck to your hands!
I did not get a picture of the Golden Egg but you can check it out here

Outback Mate Soap – RRP (varies depending on size) – £4.17 for 98g

This soap is the first of two that I chose to purchase. The Outback Mate soap caught my attention as it is the sort of soap that will wake you up in the morning. The mixture of Peppermint, Eucalytus and Lemongrass are powerful and clear you’re head as well as making your skin all tingly clean! It has a rich blue tone and the top had a swirl design with a shimmery finish. I’ve used this 98g bar for two weeks and it’s almost gone. I would say I have about another 4-6 days of use.

Rock Star Soap – RRP (varies depending on size) – £3.56 for 90g

This is a scent that I’ve smelled before with Lush products, I was gifted it for Christmas and it’s the sort of smell that sparks a memory. One of the main ingredients is Vanilla and it’s described to smell of “sticks of rock”, as in the ones you usually find near the seaside. There is a review on the Lush website where the reviewer says that they don’t personally smell this scent and instead they pick up floral scents. I have to agree to a certain extent. A stick of rock has a particular smell and it’s very sugary whereas the Rock Star soap, although there is a sweet sugary scent, there is also a floral rose type scent to go with it, which matches it’s baby pink colour. The scent is not overpowering as some floral soaps can be, it has an almost unique smell that I identify as a Lush smell. It’s intoxicating and will leave you wanting to go back for more.

Whoosh Shower Jelly– £4.50 for 100g

I went in purposely looking for this product after finding it on the website. I was treated to a jelly from my Sister at Christmas, the Santa’s Belly. Another thing I love about Lush products are that they are made to bring fun back into bathing. There’s an element of giddiness that you get when playing with jelly whilst you wash, in my case shower. It succeeded in bringing out my inner mischief as I couldn’t tell you why I found it funny when it slipped from my hand and loudly slapped on the shower floor…but it did! The bright blue Whoosh jelly is described on the Lush website as something to “blast away the tiredness”. I am a Mum of two young children, I work full time and we are renovating a house, I’ll take anything I can get! The scent isn’t as powerful as the Outback Mate soap, instead it has citrus tones of lemon, grapefruit and lime. I tend to use this when I can spend longer in the shower and want to freshen up.

American Cream Shower Gel – £5.95 for 100g

Compared to the other bathing products purchased, this has a more mild scent. The colour and consistency of this product drew me in initially. It looks like a pink milkshake! It’s described to smell like strawberries and vanilla, I would say this is very close but again with that Lush twist. It’s a smell that makes you instantly know it’s made by Lush. Although this scent is more mild, it’s the sort of smell you go back for. Unlike some of the above, this scent isn’t a powerful smell. It’s more subtle and sultry, you don’t know straight away what you’re smelling so you spend time trying to work it out. It’s gentle on your nose so that you can breathe it in deeply. This item is a limited edition item released for Valentines. However Lush sells certain items at different times of the year. Next year I’m keeping an eye out for the range again!

Charity Pot – £4.50 for 45g

I’m a bit of a nightmare with lotions and hand creams. I’m not a fan of creams that don’t sink in within seconds! Originally I went for something different with this purchase. Love and Light was actually the best hand cream for soaking into my skin quickly with no residue but it didn’t have much of a smell.
My initial purchase choice was Dream Cream as it had a lovely fresh smell but not overpowering. It had a slight residue but not enough to overly bother me.
I almost bought it until I got the the cash desk and saw Charity Pot. The first thing that caught my eye with the Charity Pots were the stickers on the top. All of the profit from the purchase goes towards a selection of Charities supported by Lush. I’ve no idea how this hasn’t been on my radar before because it’s been going since 2007!
The cream itself is thicker than I would normally go for in a hand lotion (granted it’s not just for that). However it does smell really nice.
All of the creams have an earthy scent to them with essential oils. I’m not currently using this as a daily cream, instead I use it when I’ve overworked my hands and they need a little TLC, for that it’s perfect!
You can read more about the charity pot here.

What’s your favourite Lush products? Leave a comment below…

Thank you for stopping by,
Kelly xxx

4 thoughts on “Luscious Lush

  1. Kerry May

    Great post, love Lush. My fave was the violet bubble bar, but that’s long gone now, such a shame as lots of people loved it. Haven’t been to Lush for years though.


    1. TheScrapbookGirl

      I don’t think I’ve tried that one, shame it’s gone now. My favourite is Snow Fairy, I hope it continues to stay.


  2. Louise Collins

    Why did I not know about lush spa???!!! I love one that Rebecca bought me for Christmas one year, twilight bath bomb that left me all glittery and sparkly ✨✨✨


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