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If you haven’t heard of the *lookfantasic beauty box, it’s a health and beauty monthly subscription. I will mention that I work for The Hut Group, the company who own lookfantastic. However I paid for the subscription in full as a customer purchase, we do not get a colleague discount.
This is a past box, April 2019, I’m reviewing to show the boxes in general. View this as an introduction to the boxes as well as an unboxing of contents. I have signed up to a three month subscription so will review all three.


Why did I subscribe?


I work in the creative team so in a way, from a box design and insert magazine perspective, I see it from the beginning. It tends to move around the team, the last one I worked on was February 2019.
April Box
I’m aware of how popular these boxes are and wanted to try them out for myself. Also, I’m someone who tends to buy my products from high street stores. I’ve visited the lookfantastic website many times but didn’t know where to start. These boxes are a good way to sample the products and see what works for you.


The Box Contents:



I’m starting with my favourite item, I love this cream. In fact it’s almost gone, I’ve used it within a month! It is travel sized but I have similar that have lasted for months as I don’t use them often. The Emma Hardie has however been used daily. It soaks in within seconds and it smells so nice! It’s not overpowering, which I like, it’s almost like citrus and cut grass. It’s really fresh, I tend to use it in the morning as apart of my getting ready routine.
I’ve actually used this as a hand cream, mostly as I tested it there first and really liked the feeling of it. Also in my family, the hands tend to be the first place that shows signs of ageing. Since using this cream, I’ve seen improvement in the skin! It looks smoother and younger, particularly on the backs on my hands.
The product itself is actually recommended as a face cream. I do prefer it as a hand cream. If I was to use it on my face, it would be in tiny amounts, half a pea size and although it soaks in quickly to my hands, it’s not the same on my face. I would happily by this product again but as a hand cream.


AhavaDead Sea Bath Salts (250g)


Firstly, we don’t have a bath. We bought our first house last year (after years of renting) and it came with a shower only. This isn’t a problem as we mostly shower however here came the problem with bath salts. I got around this by having a foot bath, there’s no point them being sat in the bag. I was impressed with how quickly they dissolved, if I had been in a bath, the last thing I want is granules of bath salts scratching around me. Scent wise there didn’t really seem to be one, this could be due to the nature of the product. Afterwards my feet certainly felt softer and the experience did relax me. Long term, one packet isn’t really going to do anything, if you wanted to see the effects of this product you would perhaps have to keep going with it.


BellaPierreMineral Lipstick inEnvy


I like this lipstick but the image doesn’t do it justice, in reality it’s a darker wine/red tone. I would keep this as an evening lipstick opposed to day wear. If you’re someone who likes obvious lipstick, having it as a main feature of your face, this is perfect. I appreciate that when some people do their makeup, the lipstick is purposely the focal point, whatever the time of day. This isn’t me, I try to keep my look fairly stripped back for day wear. I’ve only recently started wearing liquid foundation again and that took some getting used to so hopefully that puts things into perspective.
The lipstick itself feels nice when it goes on, it’s smooth and you can feel the moisture in it. I can’t stand dry lips and I feel this lipstick would avoid that, instead keeping your lips hydrated.



I really enjoyed using this! It’s described on the bottle as a “10-minute stimulating scalp massage, a nutritive wake-up call for roots with caffeine, zinc and biotin”. I’ve been trying to work out what it smells like. From reading the ingredients I can see Rosemary, at first I was confusing this for mint or tea tree. In terms of plants, Rosemary falls under the mint family so that explains the connection. In fact it smells just like a bottle of Rosemary essential oils that you would use in an oil burner or as an addition to massage oil.
I think you could get two uses out of the bottle, however I used the whole lot in one go! I should mention that my hair is long and thick.
To apply it, I wet my hair and massaged it through the roots then sat for 10 minutes. It feels like it’s cleaning your scalp and the smell itself wakes you up (as it suggests) because it is strong. Once washed out, my scalp felt clean, my hair felt soft and smells fantastic. I would happily buy this again.


Naobay OriginRecovery Mask Sensitive Skin (20ml)


At first, I wasn’t too sure of this product. I have combination skin and it dosn’t take much to upset it. I made the error of applying it a few days after using a pink clay face mask (of a different brand) that was much heavier on my skin. It meant that the Naobay stung when I applied it to any area of my face.
I have now tried this again and found the results to be much better. I decided to apply it before an evening shower and although it recommends 7-10 mins, I had it on closer to 4-5 mins. This time round it wasn’t painful, initially there was a little discomfort on my t-zone but only for a few seconds.
I did like that my skin felt moisturised afterwards as well as looking fresh, usually face masks dry out my skin and it ends up blotchy and irritated for a few days. As I used a thinner layer I still have enough for another application, so for me it’s value for money.


BalancemeVitamin C Repair Serum (7ml)


I haven’t used this product quite as much. It’s for your face and I’m very fussy about my face moisturiser, in fact I’m yet to find one I love. I’ve used this mostly as under eye serum and I’ll admit it’s not daily. It doesn’t soak in quick enough for me personally so this makes me avoid using it. Overall the smell is nice, I can pick out the orange peel listed in the ingredients.
It’s described on the bottle as something to “firm your complexion whilst helping to reduce pigmentation and uneven skin tone”. I think to really see the effects of this, you would have to use it twice daily as recommended. I may be that I need to give this one more time before I decide how I really feel about it.


lookfantastic Beauty Box Extras

lookfantastic Beauty Box Magazine


Every box comes with a magazine and in fact the April edition has been one of my favourites. The layering of papers and vintage style plant imagery has a scrapbook feel to it. Considering the background of this blog, that will be an instant win with me.
The fact there is a magazine shows the quality of the box. It’s almost like a self care box, as well as expaining the products, it also has articles relating to the theme of the box.


April’s articles covered:


  • CBD Beauty (an ingredient that helps sensitive or easily inflamed skin)
  • Natural makeup (eco-friendly products)
  • Bakuchoil (a skincare ingredient to help reduce fine lines, improve pigmentation and firm the skin)
  • Elderberry Smoothie Bowl – each magazine features a recipe and this one helps the immune system
  • Sustainable Lifestlye – Facts and tips to reduce your carbon footprint


Each box contains a complimentary copy of Elle magazine. Not only have you got your products and your insert magazine, you also get a free Elle magazine. This ties back to my comment about this also being a self care box. I didn’t know this came with the box before I subscribed, it was a pleasant surprise!


If you’re interested in the lookfantastic Beauty Box, you can find it here


Thank you for stopping by,
Kelly xx


*this post features advertising

2 thoughts on “lookfantastic Beauty Box – Raw Beauty

  1. Kerry May

    Looks great, oddly I ordered from Look Fantastic earlier today as they stock The Ordinary goodies and don’t charge for postage xx


    1. TheScrapbookGirl

      You should receive it fairly quickly, my order have always been within a few days. I’ve seen your updates on The Ordinary, may have to give it a go myself 🙂 xx


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