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Welcome to a new addition to the blog, my recent Television and Film watches. I will do my best not to contain spoilers but if this is a concern for you, I would warn that there may be some. It depends on what you consider a spoiler.


Getting straight into it:


Game of ThronesSeason 8
Well, what can I say? Even if you haven’t seen it, chances are you’ve seen the reactions from the fans. It’s not exactly been well received. I don’t want to give away any spoilers as I don’t believe in that. However I will say I was left deflated and confused. So many loose ends or ends tied up with what felt like a speedy storyline. Character arches that bombed. Deaths that were disappointing. Game of Thrones was a series I loved, I would put everything on hold to watch it. I would avoid solical media for fear of accidentally learning a spoiler.
This last season plummeted. Everything that’s been building, the characters you’ve been getting to know, thrown out of the window. A season offered 10 episodes and only 6 were created. Says it all really.
This was a welcome relief after Game of Thrones. It’s now ended but it was a Comedy on Mondays, BBC 1 at 9pm. It’s the same people who create Horrible  Histories and Yonderland. Alison (Charlotte Ritchie) and Mike (Kiell Smith-Bynoe) are a young couple with little money. They inherit a large country manor and due to a series of events learn that they’re not the only ones there. There’s a range of different ghosts all from different eras from prehistoric to more recent.
Alison suffers an accident which results in her being able to see them. This causes chaos for her and Mike who desperately need to make some money and renovate. It’s safe to say that the ghosts don’t make this easy for them!
I’ve been fascinated by Chernobyl for some time. However I never fully understood what happened. Before watching the series, I was more interested in Chernobyl as it is now, it’s become a place for danger explorers. It’s almost become a thrill for people.
This show put everything back into its place. It’s reminds you that it’s a tragedy and victims should be respected.
I’ve also listened to the podcast on Spotify, also named Chernobyl. Through this I’ve learnt that the screenwriter, Craig Mazin, has kept as close as possible (without being disrespectful) to what happened.
The show opens with the explosion, there’s no build up of back story. It’s gets straight on with it. You’re there in the fear and panic with the actors on screen. From there it shows how it all unravelled. Civilians didn’t understand the dangers, the Soviet leaders covered up so much! The concern of the spread of information was higher than the concern of the danger to the people. The technology and structures were not up to the standard they should have been, for reasons that are explained throughout the series.
This show allows you to see true bravery in people, the frustration of others and overall real sadness. It’s a disaster that could have been avoided.
Beautiful done, it’s no surprise that it currently holds the title of the highest rated mini series of all time.
This is a series I’d heard of but couldn’t find anywhere watch it, however I bought NOWTV for Game of Thrones and Chernobyl and found Westworld also on here.
The name of the show never really stood out for me, it was word of mouth that allowed me to know what this was about.
In a nutshell, it’s set distopian future. There’s a vast park that’s been created for the wealthy to visit. The park houses lifelike robots, to the point that if they are cut our shot, they bleed. However the robots cannot hurt the visitors or park workers. The setting of the park is the Wild West and it’s very much a playground with adventures, violence and prostitution.
There’s a sense that the park has been running for some time and you meet the characters as the robots begin to question their reality.
I’ve watched all of series 1, there is a second but I’ve not gotten round to starting it. Personally for me, the series started really well and it began as a binge watch. However, I started to slow on my binge.  I’m yet to pinpoint the reason for this. It could be the multiple story lines and flitting from the narrative world to distopian reality but I did start to struggle with it. I will stick with it and see if this resolves itself for me in series 2.
I really enjoyed this new 2019 adaption of Disney’s Aladdin and it seems I’m not the only one. There were hardly any spoilers for this film, the trailer showed all it needed to. I’m finding that some more recent trailers for films show you way too much!
A lot of people will have seen the 1992 Disney animation so they will know the story, this meant that the teaser trailers and relatively short main release trailers could wow us instead with the look and feel of the film.
They did not disappoint. Everything from the music, costumes, acting (obviously) to VFX was outstanding with 2019’s Aladdin. The stunts were outstanding, the animation has a lot of leaping from buildings to shops fronts, these were replicated in a way that had you questioning how these were done.
It didn’t follow 1992’s version by each screen. We had variants in dialogue and some brand new scenes. We also had new songs, one of which was the highly appreciated “Speechless” written by Alan Menken and performed by Naomi Scott (Princess Jasmine).
Mena Massoud was a perfect Aladdin, he captured the mischief and confidence of the character that we recognise.
The big question for me was how would Will Smith live up to being the Genie, he had some huge shoes to fill. Well, I couldn’t be happier with this performance. The VFX allowed him to still have the wackiness that was seen in the 1992 animation but he made the role his own. He brought his own style to it and the writers gave a little bit of a backstory to the Genie. This meant that the character had more substance and depth to his reasoning on wanting to be free.
You can see that so much work went into this film, right down to taking four months to choose the cast. I can’t wait to watch it again!
That’s all my watches for now.
Thank you for stoppping by,
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2 thoughts on “May – June Television and Film

  1. Kerry M

    Loved Ghosts and Chernobyl. I stopped watching Westworld on Season 2 as didn’t rate it compared to season 1. Never watched GOT, not my thing xx


    1. TheScrapbookGirl

      I massively geeked out over GOT haha, to the point where I followed all of the online theories. That’s why I was so disappointed with season 8! xx


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