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This is a brand new segment featuring a bloggers circle. A few of us who met through the planning community have come together to write a series of blog posts. These will vary, some will be planning and crafting but others will be off topic. At the bottom of this post you can find links to the other members of Bloggers Like Us.

These are the other three contributors to this series:

KerryMay.__.Makes (Kerry Mason)

Read. Write. Inspire. (Emma Louise Smith)

Sam Alderson (Sam Alderson)

So without further ado, here’s the first post. This is an introductory post to get to get to know each member.

A little bit about you and why you chose to write in this circle.

I’m Kelly, I’m 34 and have been blogging for about 2 and a half years. I live in Manchester with my other half Daniel and our kids George and Scarlett. I work as a Creative Artworker for The Hut Group. For the past few years, I stepped away from this role as I wanted to focus on my Children and I also wanted to work in the animal care industry, which I did for about 5 years.
I have many interests, from crafting (scrapbooking, creative planning, crochet, mixed media, digital media), gaming, reading, music (I play the piano), gardening…basically I love to be creative!

Name a person or topic that interests/inspires you right now?

I recently discovered Ben Tallon’s podcast named “Arrest All Mimics”. In the podcast, Ben interviews a range of different individuals within the creative industry. At this point I’ll admit I’m only 2 podcasts in, the first with Danny Allison an Illustrator/Photographer and the second with Rebecca Johannsen a New York University Professor of Theatre.
Both have had me hooked, in fact the one with Danny Allison had me absolutely sure I was going to go off and be an Illustrator! That’s if I didn’t already enjoy my job.
If you are a creative or interested in this industry I would give these podcasts a listen. I’m currently listening to them on Spotify, however I had a quick google and it looks like you can access them for free on Soundcloud. In fact I clicked randomly on one, number 123 and it’s a chat with The Walking Dead comic artist Charlie Adlard!!!!! Safe to say I’ll jump ahead to that one and then come back to number 3.

What planner has been the most successful for you?

I have trialed many different planners. I would say for me there are two planners that have been successful for different reasons.
The first is my Erin Condren. I use this in work. The role can be very busy, multiple briefs with tight deadlines. The last thing I want to do is miss a job so having a weekly layout in the EC helps keep track (I list jobs and due dates on the left). I have a vertical layout so at the top I write the jobs due that day or what I plan to work on. Then the middle box is jobs on proof. When I’ve completed, I cross the jobs out. The bottom box is for any notes needed. I don’t decorate as the clear spread makes it easy to see everything I need.
The second is my bullet journal. It’s been a little while since I’ve used this as at the moment I’m using a more simplified planner. However the bullet journal was by far my favourite. I could have a weekly/monthly layout but I could also create lists, draw, make charts, have colour reference pages…the list was endless. I like the bullet journal as every page was a new start and there (for me at least) weren’t any rules.

Stickers by Design Lovely Studio on Etsy

What book are you reading right now and would you recommend it?

I’ve started to read Passengers by John Marrs. The book is set in what feels like a not so distant future. A collection of people have a journey in their self drive cars. Each car is taken over by an anonymous voice which tells them they are going to die. The cars have hidden cameras that are broadcast to the world. It’s up to the public to choose who lives and who dies.
I’m still fairly early into this book, I’ve been introduced to each character and all have had their death sentence given to them. I won’t say anything after this as it will give away spoilers.
I recently had a train journey to London and binge read what I could of the book. It’s definitely a page turner and I would recommend it.

What’s your weekday morning routine?

I’m terrible in the morning. Both myself and Daniel work full time with the kids going to School/Nursery. So weekday mornings have to be structured. I get up at 6.30, usually Jenks our male cat is shouting for food, the kids are usually already downstairs! George will go early, we’re going to get him a clock and set a time as there’s been the odd occasion where’s he’s gotten up far too early!
Scarlett will sometimes sleep in, Daniel showers before me so he usually wakes her at 6.30 and brings her to our bedroom.
Next! I usually drag myself to the bathroom and the first thing I do is brush my teeth. A fresh mouth makes a huge difference. Then I shower and do what’s needed in a bathroom.
I’m usually a little more alert after this, and go back to my room to do my make up/hair and find come clothes. I will also be given varying plastic breakfasts from Scarlett and empty cups of who knows what. On top of this, I get attacked by Luna my female cat who insists on attention.
FYI whilst I shower, the kids and Daniel are downstairs having breakfast, as are the cats.
Finally I go downstairs. 9 times out of 10 a present is waiting for me in the litter tray, so I sort that and gag all the way through it. I also have Zuma our Guinea Pig wheeking his heart out for his breakfast from the living room…the next job. After this everything speeds up, I somehow eat, sort lunch, any washing that needs to go on, wrestle the kids to do their teeth and out the door! This isn’t without the negotiating what toy Scarlett will take to nursery, which ends up being a doll she hangs by the neck in the back of the car (to the delight of her and George). This then gets left and I receive lots of funny looks as I drive to work after the drop offs!

What about music of the moment? TV show?

Music – I don’t tend to buy albums anymore, I like my music playlist to be varied. So if I were to highlight any music artists that have stood out at the moment I would say Gerry Cinnamon. His most recent songs “Belter” and “Canter” always get me smiling when they play. I grew up in Corby which has a large Scottish community and my Grandparents are from Edinburgh, so Gerry Cinnamon being Scottish and hearing the strong accent gives me a sense of nostalgia.

TV – Stranger Things Season 3. It’s a visual masterpiece, the character development continues to grow and it’s just awesome. I can’t say anything, spoilers, so you’ll just have to watch it!

Hobbies besides Planning and Crafting?

So many things I could put here! But I will touch on something I’ve not mentioned. Comics and Graphic Novels! This is something I loved before I had the kids but that whole side of me was put on hold. When you become a parent you have to think differently with your money and I cut back on a lot of interests.
Granted I did find crafting and planning but even there I would be careful. I would buy if I could afford it, I would try to find bargains and I would save money for events.
I used to love gaming but with games being the price they can be, this is something that’s slowed.
I miss graphic novels. I never had a large collection, in fact I would usually swap and borrow with friends. I totally forgot I’ve read the Umbrella Academy until I saw it in Waterstones after it’s dramatised Netflix release. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve looked at The Walking Dead compendium online and in shops. It was heavily reduced in a shop when I visited Cambridge. This is before I went back to full time work and I never bought it! I’ve been kicking myself ever since.
At the end of July we are going to MCM Comicon in Manchester (easier to stay local with the kids). I’m very excited, Daniel not so much! Scarlett is going to dress up as Wonder Woman and George will wear his Minecraft hat and one of many Minecraft t-shirts. I have a few options but i won’t fully dress up, I’m not that brave!
As well of this I’ve discovered an app named WEBTOON. There’s a few things I’ve found on here that interest me, I’ll give it a bit longer before I properly review it.

Who in the planning world would you love to meet?

This has happened for me! The first two UK YouTubers from the planning world that I subscribed to were Anna Brim (Mrs Brimbles) and Daisy Martin (MyGreenCow). I’m now very lucky to say these two ladies are my friends. There’s a saying in the planner community, planner friends make the best friends. This is so true, as much as we like to make the structure of our week/month/year look eye catching, we also build a network. Both Daisy and Anna still inspire me creatively.

Digital or paper planning, which do you prefer?

I’ve tried both. I really wanted to get on with digital planning as it would mean I would experiment with my digital drawing but it never happened. I tend to brain dump and need to move quickly around a planner. Digital planning is quite fiddly, depending how it’s done. If I was to look at it logically I do both. I have my paper planner that helps me to organise my week etc and I use my phone for lists. This is usually because my phone is always with me so I open the notes and quickly type something in. The drawback is I have a lot of lists! At least with a planner you can flip through the pages and see what’s there, I can honestly say I have no idea what’s on the majority of the phone lists!
The more aesthetically pleasing side of digital planning used a few apps, e.g. good notes. This allows you to visually have a digital planner but it can be a bit tricky to use. Boho Berry gives a good example of this style of digital planning.

If you could tell past you something about planning, what would it be?

I was given a pocket Filofax when I was a teenager. In University I tried to set it up with the Filofax inserts and use it but couldn’t get the hang of it. I would tell that version of me to hang tight, one day you will be an expert at this!

So that’s the first post! I hope you enjoyed reading through,


Links to the other posters in this series:

KerryMay.__.Makes (Kerry Mason)

Read. Write. Inspire. (Emma Louise Smith)

Sam Alderson (Sam Alderson)

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