Crafty Bonbons August Box

*Advertising, I was given this box for my promotion of the contents*


I have a brand new Crafty Bonbons box to show you. This is the A4 sized August “Blooming Marvellous” Botanical box. Normally I film an unboxing for these but this time I have decided to blog as it’s given me more time to play with the box contents.

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What you get in the August A4 box:

6 printed papers of varying botanical themes
1 writing set
1 A6 notebook (the one in my box has pink grid inserts)
4 journalling cards
1 washi tape (this tape has a backing paper which helps keep the quality, design will vary)
1 pen (I had a white crystal ball-point pen, however pens will vary)
1 sticker sheet (my box had large blue flowers)
1 packet of sticker flakes
1 packet of vellum memo sheets
1 magnetic bookmark (always a favourite of mine)
1 black and white ephemera mix
1 kawaii cacti ephemera mix
1 flower babies ephemera mix
A selection of flower die cuts
A selection of foliage die cuts
“blooming marvellous” postcard
2 notecards with floral design
A selection of tags, embellishments, stickers and more floral die cuts
1 hand-painted tag with Ali’s design, each A4 box has this
1 rubber stamp (flower)
1 DL sized wallet (the first 10 boxes will have a white wallet with black flowers. After this the colours vary, my wallet is green)

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Phew! As you can see there is a lot in the box, I’ve started to pull together three journal spreads and I’ve barely touched the box contents!

Journal Page One

My box came with the blue flowers stuck to the top and I fell in love straight away! So when I saw a sheet of these stickers inside, I knew I wanted to dedicate a page to them. This page is very simple, I’ve used the stickers as the border and a light blue for the centre. Life is so busy at the moment that I’m finding it easier to prep pages and come back to them later for journal work. The blue ribbon in the centre was not a box item, it was already stuck on this page but I like how it works with it.

Journal Page Two

I had to use Ali’s artwork tag, it’s so beautiful. Even though it had been mentioned, it was only when I had it in front of me that I realised it was her artwork! It’s not a re-print of her artwork, its hand-drawn. Everyone who gets an A4 box will have a personal hand-drawn floral card! The background behind the card is something I already had and feel it really helps pull the colours out of the artwork.
On the opposite side I’ve used a black and white journal card and large floral die cut. I plan to add a little colour to the journal card and then journal over the whole page.
I’m not too sure of the blue I’ve added to the background, I’ll re-visit it when I finish the page.


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Journal Page Three

This was actually the first page I created. The background is one of the scrapbook papers, easily my favourite. The rich green and density of the leaves caught my eye straight away. The top of this page has some purple flowers sticking out (another box item). I always add little bits and pieces to my pages that hang out of the notebook). The envelope was an idea I borrowed from the Craty Bonbon’s team, however instead of sticking it flat, I decided to create a tip-in. My plan with the page is to have a fairytale/fantasy theme. The image at the back of the pouch is of a small cottage I found in a magazine. In front of these I have a number of vellum memo sheets for journal work.
To help with the fairytale theme, I’ve added floral ephemera, a tag and flower baby die cuts. I’ve purposely left space on the background to add photos.


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You can purchase the August Crafty Bonbons box here, whilst stocks last.

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