Bloggers Like Us #2


I have another addition to the Bloggers Like Us circle with Kerrymay Makes, Sam Alderson and Emma Louise Smith. This month we are working with the topic of health and wellbeing.

There were a few areas I wanted to explore however I’m not too sure i’m ready to visit those just yet. They will be longer posts that tap into personal aspects of my life. Instead I decided to choose a topic that has been on my ideas list for a little while, how to combat Sunday nights. This may not apply to everyone but many times I‘ve heard people saying they didn’t sleep well after a Sunday night.

Do you relate?

This can be people who work weekdays but not always. I would still struggle with a Sunday night whilst on maternity leave or when I took a break from work. It’s the anticipation of a new week, your head preparing for what’s to come and gathering that energy needed on a Monday morning. Even when I wasn’t working, my other half did, I had to get my Son to school and look after my Daughter as a baby. It didn’t have the same down time that a weekend has.
Now as someone who works full time, it’s the feeling of the rush in the morning and being ‘on’ when I get to work.

I realised that I was ruining my Sunday by allowing my anxieties to start taking over. I would almost be upset by Sunday midday that my weekend was almost over. Which is daft, it’s two days, it’s not long so of course it’ll be over quickly. This is the first area I wanted to tackle.

A look at jobs

In the past I would leave a lot of jobs either till Sunday or even worse, Sunday evening. This would mean I would spend all day Sunday dreading what I still had to do and in turn resenting the week ahead from taking my time from me.


If you are someone who can be at home during the week, depending on why you’re there this may not be as bad if you have time to spread the housework over the week.
Or if you have a regular cleaner, not all of this may apply.

However, if you work full time during the week it can be tricky to do your housework. This is where I currently am and have been in the past. I loathe working on what is supposed to be my time. As a family we can’t afford a cleaner so we do it ourselves.

Separating Housework Tasks

I try to have a routine of jobs that must be done every week and ones that are less regular. During the week the main jobs I do are keeping the house as tidy as possible (it’s not a bloomin’ art gallery but it’ll pass for us) and doing a few laundry loads. I put the washer on in the morning and hang it out/dry it when I get home. This means on the weekend I have several bags of laundry to sort out.

On the weekend I will do my best to do essential housework on a Saturday late morning after my Daughter’s ballet lesson. This includes the hoovering, you’re having a laugh if you think I’m dragging that thing around at 7pm several times a week! A thorough hoover of the whole house on the weekend works for us.

I won’t list everything I do as everyone differs but to summarise I have small manageable jobs for weekdays and regular weekly jobs for 1-2 hours on the weekend (depending on how I feel). Then there’s the jobs that aren’t weekly that I will plan to do when I can. I should also point out that myself and my other half share these tasks.


This gets it’s own category as it ruins my life! I’m better with it and no where near as fussy as I used to be. I don’t iron the bedsheets and things like that. Unless they are horrifically creased I see no need. However I do need to prep clothes for the week and iron any kids clothes that need doing. I don’t iron my other half’s shirts, he does his own and we share the kids clothes.

I used to always leave ironing till a Sunday night. I don’t do this anymore, it’s still usually a Sunday but I try to do this earlier. This way, I feel more prepared for the week ahead and it’s another task ticked off my list with time to spare.

Escape the routine


As a family we try to have events or visits to look forward to at the end of the week. I try to include at least one weekend every month where we are either travelling somewhere or attending something. It breaks up the month and gives us something to look forward to. It in turn helps that Sunday night fear because I’m either feeling fulfilled from a good weekend or knowing it’s only X amount of weekends until we get to do whatever it is that’s planned.

Lose the tech

Evening Chill

We try to have the Sunday routine wrapped up by 7.30/8pm with the kids in bed. If it’s ran over I struggle to relax as that’s my evening gone (at least it has in my head).

I’ve started to introduce no phone time on a Sunday night (for me). In fact I’m bringing this into more evenings. I have slipped a bit recently as I’m finding comics to read on my phone but it still strains my eyes. What I do stop is social media at 9pm, doesn’t always go to plan but I’m trying. If I’m successful with this, I can’t read anything that could trigger me or waste time reading/watching click bait.
I also try to curb any messaging services after 9. If it’s a quick reply sometimes I will sort it, otherwise I wait till the next day.
This process has actually helped a lot. By doing this, my brain hasn’t been pulled into any topic discussions and over the course of a few hours I switch off.

Calm the mind

Reason with the little voice

Without fail my mind or body will start with a question or a feeling. The sense that you still have things to do. The later the evening gets, the more that feeling intensifies. There a few ways I try to control this.


Firstly I have my planner. I will try to fill this in every Sunday evening with what’s needed in the week ahead. I have an hourly planner with list sections and I put a much as I can in there. This can be from something as obvious as sectioning off my work ours to remembering a birthday and in turn getting a gift or card. I also add tasks needed for the week, that I may not do day to day. I no longer decorate my planner. I’m fortunate that the planner I have, “my365” comes with illustrations already on the pages.


The planning helps but doesn’t quieten everything completely. Usually I have to reason with myself. I tend to have a herbal sleepy tea around 8.30pm and remind myself that I’ve done everything I need to do for the day. There’s only so much time before I’ll go to bed and I can’t achieve the amount of tasks in my head before then. Things can always wait and there’s many days ahead of me.

Earlier Night

Lastly I try to go to bed fairly early. I rarely fall asleep before 11, usually it’s closer to midnight on a Sunday. However if I’ve lain in bed for a while, I know my body has rested. When I do try to settle, I do my best to clear my mind. If thoughts start creeping in, I gently stop them and continue focussing on nothing in particular, allowing the sound of the night to pass over me.

It doesn’t always work but it’s a lot better than it used to be!


Thank you for stopping by,


The rest of the Bloggers Like Us team:

Kerrymay Makes,

Sam Alderson

 Emma Louise Smith.

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