MCM Comic Con Manchester


I recently went to MCM Comic Con in Manchester with the family. We went with two small children. One who is a 4 year old and insisted on being carried everywhere…dressed as Wonder Woman. The other  is 7 going on 42 and a Minecraft nerd.

Due to the kiddies, I didn’t get many photos and we spent a lot of the day in the main hall around the stalls. The weather was also terrible, usually people congregate outside the front of Manchester Central (where it’s held) for photos but not really this year.

That isn’t to say I didn’t enjoy it, in fact I loved it! It was a whole new experience for the family. I missed out on talks which I knew was a given, I purposely didn’t plan for those.

As for the day itself, I took in so much! Everywhere you looked there would be someone dressed up and they’d made so much effort! I even saw a person dressed as Dr. Zoidberg from Futurama, complete with face tentacles! One costume that I really enjoyed seeing quite a few times as I walked around was this Pennywise, he was even doing the voice!

I loved the stalls, so much variety. Anime, clothing, wall art, gaming and retro gaming (they had Megadrive games, some of which I still own!), Pop Vinyls, Figurine stalls, graphic novels, board games, stuffed animals, Kawaii, clothing, a stall selling Ocarina’s, a stall selling mugs with humorous profanity, a stall selling film scripts and more Anime. I’m sure I’ve missed things.

I found the graphic novel section later on in the day and wish I’d found it sooner. It had quietened down by then but the kids were running out of steam. There were quite a few I picked up and was interested in. Next time I’m making a list!! I did however buy Twisted Dark by Neil Gibson. It’s a collection of short stories exploring the darker side of humanity.

I also got a couple of games. The first one is Ramen Fury, a card game I want to play with the family. It’s a strategy game to construct a tasty dish and defeat your opponent. You can see a breakdown of that game here.

I also bought an escape room game, one of the Exit games, this one is “the abandoned cabin“. The idea that your car breaks down, you find a cabin for shelter and the next morning you wake to it being locked with bars on the windows. I want to play this with Daniel as I believe it’ll be more fun and it’s something different we can do as a couple.

Other than that I bought a Zbox and a My Geek Box as these were being sold at 2 for £10. Of the two that day, I found the My Geek Box had the better contents and has led me to sign up to a subscription. You can see the latest box here.

There was a PS4 section that had VR head sets. I really wanted to try these but they’d all been booked up before we got there. I’m fortunate enough to have already had a go with one but I really wanted to show Daniel, maybe the kids, it depended on what games they were demonstrating. There was also a big push for Borderlands 3, a whole section dedicated to it. For me it’s not one for the kiddies but something I would have otherwise got involved in.

I would most likely take the kids to the Manchester Comic Con again if they wanted to go, it’s something different and hopefully sparks parts of their interest. I would also go if not Manchester, then London with a friend. I’d like to really take my time and work my way around the whole event. There’s a lot I missed out on. I don’t personally collect autographs but it’s still interesting to see who’s booked for the event. I also would have liked listening to their talks. I didn’t dress up this time but I wouldn’t be against the idea.

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