MyGeekBox August 2019


I have a slightly different unboxing for you. This embraces the newer direction with the blog, showing more than planning and craft.

I have always been interested in films, gaming and comic books/graphic novels. With films I lean more towards action/adventure, fantasy and horror. With gaming it tends to be adventure and horror although I do like a good simulation game. With comics it’ll be whatever mood I’m in, same with books.

A little while ago I went to MCM Comic Con in Manchester, you can read about that here. It was here I got ahold of my first MyGeekBox. I liked the contents and felt they were good value for money, especially that day as the box was heavily reduced. As with anything, I won’t sub until I have a good idea of what I’m spending my money on. I now have three Youtubers who have become my go to for knowledge on the boxes (mainly the in depth knowledge) and their complete enablement! I’m debating trying out another box which these three have shown but I’m still on the fence, financially I will only subscribe to one.

These three channels can be found below:

Geeky Heathen

Onto the box!

This isn’t my first box, it’s my second. I basically didn’t get round to writing up the first box and if I’m honest it was ooookaaaayyyy, not amazing. If you want an idea of that box you can see it here.
Annoyingly that box decided to take itself to Cardiff before it got to me, Royal Mail’s mess up but the turn around was still quick. When it arrived it was still in good condition considering it’s little detour. I was surprised how light the box was and it came as the black My Geek Box only.

The August box was different. I had the dispatch update and I had it 2 days later! It also came as a box in a box. So the outside was the brown The Hut Group box and inside there were inflated packing peanuts holding the black My Geek Box in place. Oh and it was heavy, this makes me happy.


The T-shirt

This months t-shirt is a Nintendo branded tee with a blueprint design for a gaming gun or “zapper” as indicated in the illustration. I really like the illustrative style on the top with simple white lines and measurements. I also like the colour of the tee, it’s Burgundy which isn’t a colour I often see in tops.


Jason Dorbz

So these are quite new to me however I’m finding there’s not a great deal of love for them out there! Personally the main downside I would say about Dorbz is the lack of accuracy. There are a couple of marks on this one, there’s a scratch on the mask. The paint also doesn’t fall properly, which I’ve found on the previous box Dorbz and this one as well. That may be me being picky but if I was paying good money for an item or wanting it to be a collectable, I’d want the paint to sit exactly where it should be.

Having said that, I do like this Dorbz. It’s horror so it already gets boosted up my list. It’s a Wallgreens exclusive, which should mean it’s harder to get ahold of.
Colourwise I like the purple and turquoise, apparently it’s from an old video game but not one I have personally played. Let’s face it, I do have planning supplies on my desk so he’ll sit and blend there nicely.


Batman Dorbz

I now have 3 of these things and I must say of all 3, this one has the best paint job. In fact it almost looks hand painted. Apart from his face he’s fully gold, right down to the cape. He’s smiling as Dorbz do and personally I find it hard to accept a happy, smily Batman. As the design itself goes, I don’t mind this and would have it on my desk. However my Son has a weird interest with the colour gold…don’t ask. We had to talk him down from having a fully gold bedroom…again don’t ask. I may offer this up as a desk accessory when we get round to that.


Rick and Morty Coin

Ok first thing, I’ve never seen Rick or Morty. This is mostly as it hasn’t been on our radar, I don’t know many people who watch it and it’s always sort of been one of those programmes I know of and will watch at some point. However, the more I enter back into this world, the more this show is shoved in my face. It’s everywhere!! I’ve found a few clips to get a taste for it and we’ve found a few late night shows which we’ve recorded to soon watch.
As for the coin itself? I’ve sort of covered Rick and Morty so this particular one doesn’t mean anything, it’s an “Official Collectible Coin: Pickle Rick”. The concept of the coins have surprised me. I like the idea of them. They’re really detailed and quite heavy. They’re packaged in their own protective casing and are very much a collectors item.

I now have 3 coins. The MCM My Geek Box coin was The Thing, limited edition and mine is coin number 33..of unknown number. July’s was Skyrim limited edition and mine is 1,358…of 9,995. Unless I can’t see it, there isn’t a number on my Rick and Morty coin, for me it doesn’t feel special like the other two.

*update* Rick and Morty is on Netflix, how did I miss that??


Jessica Jones QFig

I’ll admit I’m new to some of the Marvel characters. I think Avengers Endgame for me is a blessing. The film was so huge that I realised I need to get my act together and watch these films…all of them not just the Avengers films. I’m currently working my way through them.

The QFig itself is pretty impressive. There’s a lot of detail on the figure and although new to me, I can see why these are popular. The Dorbz will have a similar look and feel as that’s the brand style whereas QFig’s seem to be fairly unique to the characters being portrayed.

They’re in action shots as well opposed to standing in one position so you get a sense of story with the figure. The lack of knowledge with this particular character doesn’t help but from a quick browse on their site, I can already see a quite a few that I like. They’re the sort of ones I would want in my living room.


Star Trek Graphic novels

TWO graphic novels. I was impressed with one so when I picked it up and saw another, I was over the moon! I am not a Trekkie but I did grow up with The Next Generation, I would usually watch it with my Dad. Naturally I’ve seen the more recent films as well.
I will read pretty much any graphic novel, I’m open to a lot of genres. These are decent novels, they both have hard backed covers which elevates the value of them. I’m genuinely surprised to see two in the box, a quick search for one of them puts it roughly at £10.00.

So that’s everything for the August 2019 My Geek Box. If you’re interested you can visit the site here, my box is the standard £19.99 monthly box.

What do I think of the box?

I’m really impressed with the graphic novels. I like the Jason Dorbz, I don’t really think I also needed a Batman. I like the QFig, I need to now watch Jessica Jones to appreciate it more. The t-shirt is quite different, I really like the colour of it and the blueprint style. I’m not bowled over by the zapper design itself and would be more excited by for example a games controller. Lastly the coin, I prefer my other two but it’s still a nice item in the box. Value wise the graphic novels already take it to £20.00 so it’s well worth the money.

I’m still holding out for a box with a Pop Vinyl. Still waiting.

In terms of subscription, it’s taken a while to get my head around it. It’s not a direct debit, instead My Geek Box will charge the subscription to the card details you use to sign up. Also the day of the month varies. I prefer a recurring date, however both dates so far have been different.

Also another point to mention, I do work for The Hut Group who make this box. That will not change my opinion of the box or it’s contents. My first box was bought with a staff discount, however that only covers that first box. So with UK postage I paid the full £22.98 for my August box.

Thank you for stopping by,



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