Bloggers Like Us #3


This month the Bloggers Like Us topic is Autumn. This is my favourite season closely followed by Spring. I guess it’s the change (which is the same for both seasons. It’s already starting to cool down and I’ve swapped out my summer wardrobe to my autumn/winter stuff. Technically Autumn doesn’t actually start until the 23rd September (UK), which falls on a Monday.

September is always a month of change for me, it feels like a time for new beginnings. My youngest started school this month and my eldest went into year 3. I bought an exercise bike, I’ve been making plans for the house that I want completed by the end of the year. I have plans in work…January is overrated!

New Bullet Journal

With this sense of new beginnings, I decided to set up a new bullet journal. Well if I’m completely honest, I originally started it in May but I only lasted two weeks before changing to another planner. I almost bought ANOTHER Leuchtturm for this. I was in a shop but they didn’t have them in stock. I took this as a sign and had a word with myself. I went home and realised I had two Leuchtturm dot grid notebooks that had been started but could easily still be used. The chosen one is orange, which is perfect and I’d barely used any pages. To stop being wasteful with paper and money, I decided to get my act together and use it. I coupled it up with a cover I made ages ago with candy corn fabric, it’s a little rough around the edges but I don’t mind that.


My Plan with the Bullet Journal

I use the words bullet journal loosely. There is a “proper” way to set one up as the idea as created by Ryder Carrol and his video explains it here. I have steered away from this a bit with my journal. The reason for this is I’ve lost my way with planning for some time.

My ideal planner has:

  • Monthly layouts
  • Weekly layouts
  • Lists – various
  • Tracking – various (e.g. housework, health)
  • Brain dump and note pages
  • List challenges – various
  • Memory keeping

The problem being that a lot of the above has become scattered. I can’t stick to most things, I usually start but it ends up being cast aside. This then means that I’m left with a monthly/weekly diary and that’s it. I then feel as though I’m lacking something.

The bullet journal has allowed me to gather all of the above into one notebook. Memory keeping is a huge part of my life, it’a creative outlet whilst at home. There have been many half attempts at this for most of this year. I have multiple prepared spreads with no written text. The main reason is that I do not look at them afterwards. However if I memory keep in my bullet journal, I will see them all the time!

To keep my weekly planner spreads simple, I have reduced them to one page. So far this is working, I can always add a list page or adjust this if I find it doesn’t work. Another benefit of a bullet journal is that you can change things whenever you want. There’s many blank pages to start afresh with.

The memory keeping will later on trigger this time of year and what I’ve been doing.

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Autumn Decor

Yesterday we went as a family to TK Maxx to look at the Autumnal and Halloween decorations. I didn’t want to spend a fortune so only bought a few bits to decorate the fireplace. It was an excuse to move the ever growing lego collection and make it feel a bit more homely.

I did also have young children with me so any ideas of co-ordination or theme went out of the window. We now have a mixture!! I personally don’t mind this (mostly) as it was something we were all involved in, the kids are happy to have their choices as well as mine and Daniel’s.

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Giant Acorn – £9.99

This was my choice. I didn’t see it at first, it was on a lower shelf hidden behind lots of other things. I’m so glad I found it as it’s my favourite purchase. The lid even comes off! I’m not sure what for, maybe we can put the smaller acorns inside that we found at Dunham Massey.

Pumpkin and Cat – £4.99

I wanted a pumpkin, if I’d had my choice I would have had something to match the acorn and a little more classy. However the kids were adamant they wanted this one. We are cat lovers so it was winning in that sense. Originally I was going to put it away for Halloween but it’s growing on me.

Haunted House Snow Globe – £12.99

I really like this snow globe. Again another choice of the kids. I had seen a pumpkin one that would have looked a lot nicer with the acorn and original white iridescent pumpkin plan….but never mind! With the theme GONE and seeing this snow globe as it is, I do like it. It was the only one with a haunted house and I love the detail. It’s perfect for Halloween and will be staying out right up until November. After that I’m tempted to put it on my desk with my other witchy bits.

Rose Gold Pear – £4.99*

This was another choice of mine, clinging on to that theme! Similar to the acorn I like the simplicity of it. Once the halloween elements have been moved from the fire place, I may keep these two and maybe the below candle out as a long term feature.

Friendly Forest Spiced Woods Candle – £7.99*

I must have smelled 20-25 candles before deciding on this. After a while everything started to smell like pumpkin spice. I had smelled a candy corn one which was pleasant but very sweet, I’d maybe get fed up after a while of it. There was another one that had a smoky smell but I wasn’t sure I wanted my house smelling that way. In the end we decided on this candle. I liked the jar design and the figure of the bear on the lid. It’s definitely a more Autumnal candle over Halloween. Scent wise, the the kids loved it! It’s not overpowering, despite it saying “richly scented” on the label. I can smell several spices similar to cinnamon, star anise, cloves and pumpkins all rolled into one. However considering they’re all strong scents, this candle has a really delicate balance. You can smell it without feeling like your nose is full of it!

*the receipt has gone awol and I can’t see these on the website. Luckily I haven’t yet removed the price tags from the other three. This is roughly what I can remember the prices to be.

That’s my post for this month, don’t forget to check out the other contributors to this series:

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2 thoughts on “Bloggers Like Us #3

  1. Kerry

    I so love your candy corn cover. Also loving the rose gold pear. Pinned your creative journal page, it’s lovely. Hey this time last year was when we went to the cottage near Cambridge 😃 xx


    1. TheScrapbookGirl

      That’s crazy, so much has happened since then! That was a lovely weekend ❤️ thank you, I bought the fabric at a local shop and threw it together. Thank you for the pin as well. The rose gold pear was a last min grab haha, almost didn’t see it but so glad I did xx


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