October Creative Challenges

Autumn is officially here and as I’m starting to get going in my creative bullet journal, I wanted to see what challenges are out there for my pages.

With that in mind, I started to look at October creative challenges. Some of these are older challenges that I’ve used before and have enjoyed them. Some are new from me hunting about on Pinterest and Instagram.

@mrsbrimbles October Daily

There’s two challnges to pick from from Mrs Brimbles October Daily, one has an Autumnal feel and one is Halloween themed. This challenge has been going for a few years, you can share your work using the hastag #mrsbrimblesoctdaily on Instagram and you are also encouraged to share in the Mrs Brimbles Happy Place group. The challenge is easy going, do as much as you want to with it. As suggested these can be used for journals, memory keeping or photography. However as they’re prompts, they can be used any way you wish.


                                                 Click here for supplies to help with this challenge


@mygreencow September Challenge

Ok I know this is an October Challenges post however I feel this challenge can run over. The hashtags do read #MGCSeptember but this isn’t something that bothers me. Ragardless of when you search in the year, the hashtag works, you don’t have to do this only in September. Another couple of things to note are that this is a 2018 challenge, one prompt will need the date changing (2018 to 2019) and it finishes on the 30th. I got around this by making my own prompt for the 31st.

I’ve added this challenge as I like how it’s put together. There are the more straight forward prompts which follow a simple question and answer. Then there are the slightly deeper ones touching on emotions and feelings. It’s a good challenge to help with anxiety but at the same time providing material for journal work.


click here for the rest of this challenge

@thereaderbee All the Books October 2019

I was hunting around for a while and came across this challenge. I wasn’t sure what it was, initally I thought it was a challenge to read 31 books. That would be a book a day, not possible in my life! As it goes, that’s not the case. This is a photo challenge. Using the prompt, snap a photo of a relevant book or books and upload with the hashtag #AlltheBooksOct19. For inspiration you can search the previous challenge hashtag #AlltheBooksSept19, here you can see how people have created instaworthy book shots.



Oodles of Doodles October by @the.petite.planner and @eclectic.scribbles.

If you fancy giving you illustrative skills a boost, this is a quirky little Halloween themed doodle challenge. Using the hashtag #oodlesofdoodleschallengeoct you can share your creepy creations. Be open with the challenge, my drawing skills aren’t amazing so I would approach some promps with a an abstract feel.

The image with the house is 2018 but I wanted to include it as well, I really like those prompts.



October Journal Challenges – Unknown

I found two challenges that I really like, the prompts encourage you to have a good think before you answer. Unfortunatley I cannot find the orginal authors of these. I’ve found the pins a few times and every time it’s taken me to an unrelated page. It’s a shame as I would have liked to see what other prompts were created by the authors. I decided to add them to the post partly as I feel they’re too good to pass up and partly to see if anyone recognises them. These prompts are escapism. Some of them are October themed and the others allow you to connect with yourself. Also the image quality isn’t great on these but they’re just about legible.




Blends in October by @melissaleng@lettersofme and @kaish_calli

This is a brush lettering challenge encouraging people to practice brush lettering whilst also blending colours together. The challenge itself has been running since late October 2018, almost one year. Each of the above has a beautiful Instagram account to inspire you. As well as that, each monthly challenge since last year has a hashtag you can search for to gain ideas. This months hashtag is #BlendsinOctober


@awitchalone Halloween Photo Challenge

I couldn’t do a post like this and not have a Witchy themed challenge. I haven’t had much time to celebrate Samhain this year, life is just crazy. A photo challenge like this gives me a chance to get involved and if not, I can enjoy looking at what everyone else posts. At most I can interpret it a different way in my journal. The hashtag for this one is #hallowitchin19


Hopefully there’s something there that sparks your interest, if not there are so many more on Instagram. I found many different styles of challenges, even a costume challenge!





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