October Glossybox 2019


I have a new unboxing to show you, its October’s Glossybox. I do still have two Lookfantastic Beauty Boxes that I haven’t yet reviewed, this is mostly due to time. My plan for those is to take the best and worst from the boxes and review instead of a full breakdown of each box.


This is a monthly subscription box containing items for beauty and wellness (make up, skincare, hair care and additional items). Subscription prices can all be seen here. I have wanted to try this for some time to see how it differs from the Lookfantastic Beauty Box. I feel like the items in the Beauty Box were of a higher quality and more expensive but the majority are sample sizes. This is a given considering some full price items can start at £45. With Glossybox, most, if not all items are full size. I’m signed up to the £8.50 plus p&p subscripton, full sized items on that price is pretty good!

Can we just….

Before I get into the contents, I want to show the box itself and the packaging. October offers trick or treat boxes, something that is done annually. This year the theme was an angel or a devil box. The items were similar but styled to the box, angel having lighter pastel shades and devil richer, darker shades. Both boxes have a lovely eye illustration on them reflecting their theme and they’re embossed with a gloss finish…texture!!

On opening the box (I recieved angel), the contents look to be hand packaged. I have no idea if they are or not but they’re all place in a particular way and tied with a bow. Little touches like this will always get my attention.

The insert card shows both box types on the front with the trick or treat theme. As mine is angel, the inside showed all products with a short description, text to state it’s full size and the price. The back of the card shows a sneak to next month.

What’s in the Box?

Lord and Berry – Maximatte Lipstick Crayon – Angelic Pink

I’ll be honest, pink is not my shade. This is a bright pink as well, I’ve swatched in on my hand and there’s literally no other description for it. It’s PINK. I’d maybe play with this, use it for a costume or let my little girl play with it if we dress up. As daily or night wear, it’s a no.

This colour and I couldn’t be further from each other unfortunately. I am a craft addict however and I do like the shade of pink when I think of it outside of make up purposes. I’m sure it’s blasphemy but I may well use this crayon in my art journals!

Que Bella Beauty – Illuminating Holographic Peel off Mask

I actually really like this. I love the shimmery colour through it and it looks like it could be quite gentle to the skin, I hope! I also like that it’s a peel off mask, I’ve used these before and prefer them. I somtimes find the wash off masks to be a little invasive to my skin and they mess up the balance.

Bubble T Cosmetics – Angel Dust Foaming Bath Powder

We have more bath salts! If you read my Beauty Box post you will know that I DO NOT HAVE A BATH!! I got around this before by doing a foot bath which I actually really enjoyed. However these are foaming…this could be a disaster. I have options, I could have a few footbaths using small amounts or I hang on till we visit family at Christmas and see if I can escape the kids for an hour to have a bath. That or I will gift it to someone (not for Christmas!!). I do like that the same box design is on the packaging for the bath salts. I’d be tempted to use it in my journals…yes I’m that person.

Stylondon – Velvet Touch Palette

Of the two boxes, I prefer this eye shadow palette to the devil box option. It’s a lot more toned down and has an autumnal feel to it. I’m not a big eye shadow wearer, I will do something bigger for a night out but if it’s for a meal or casual drinks I prefer a more subtle look. There’s actually quite a nice mix in there. There’s a light shade in the top left section that can be used under the brow to open the eye and highlight. There’s some lovely brown tones that will look better on me over the pinks and then there’s the shimmery tones. My favourite of these is the purple in the bottom middle section, that right there is going on for Christmas! I appreaciate this is a Halloween box, or at least has been released at this time, however I’m looking at this and getting Christmas vibes.

ModelCo Beauty – Eye Define Crayon Eyeliner

Can’t go wrong with a black eye liner. It’s a full size liner, which makes this my favourite item in the box. I like items that last and I that can get my money’s worth out of. This is shown to have an RRP of £15, that already is over the subscription price so more than pays for the box. It’s a twist liner opposed to a pencil you need to sharpen. I tend to wear eyeliner on my waterline everyday but I don’t wear it anywhere else.

I would say it takes a few attempts to get it dark on the waterline. On first application it was quite transparent and not the heavy black that I like. I had to go over them for a good 30 seconds before it was the dark black that I like. I will say however that it stays put longer than my pencil eyeliner I was using previously. That would go on in one go but would partly run off (to god knows where) within the hour and over the day collect at the outer corners of my eyes in a downward motion. Not ideal. I hope the ModelCo Beauty eyeliner is an improvement to this.

Whittard of Chelsea – Luxury White Hot Chocolate

The angel box has white chocolate, the devil had sticky toffee pudding. Of the two, I prefer the white chocolate but my god it’s close. I’d have been happy with either! I’ve actually not long had this, it was very sweet and as it’s mixed with milk, very filling…I guess this depends on what milk you use. If you have a craving, this would definitely hit the spot! Also, the packaging! It feels like a Day of the Dead theme and it’s so colourful! The back of the box has full print so yes, the journal addict in me will be saving this.

Final Thoughts

Overall as a first box I’m happy. Yes there’s some items that may not be used in the way they’re supposed to be used or could end up being gifted but that is what it is.
For me it feels like Glossybox is a pamper box. If wanted, you could use every item in the box when getting ready for an evening (although in that scenario I’d have a Gin and save the hot chocolate!). The way it’s presented and items inside do feel like a personal treat.

Here is the sneak peek image for next month…

Check out Glossybox here for more info.

Kelly xxx

4 thoughts on “October Glossybox 2019

    1. TheScrapbookGirl

      Yeah it’s a bit bright! You’d maybe be more suited to a Lookfantastic beauty box although even with that there’s stuff you use and stuff you try one off 🙈


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