Bloggers Like Us #5


We had a break from the Bloggers Like Us posts last month, this will happen from time to time depending on how we our in our everyday lives. To see the other posts for this series, visit Kerry at KerryMay Makes, Sam at Sam Alderson and Emma at Read, Write, Inspire.

This month we decided to give each other a prompt to work with it. Sam prompted me with the word “sparkle”. I decided to raid my craft stash to see what I have that fit with this theme.

Diamine Shimmer Ink

I love this ink, I’ve had it for a while now. I have the shade “sparkling shadows” which is black with a gold shimmer throughout it. You can use it for brush lettering, with dip pens or with fountain/calligraphy pens. I bought a refillable fountain pen cartridge but you need to keep on top of the cleaning for these. You get loads in the bottle, definitely worth it’s £9.95 price tag!

Erin Condren Metallic Washi

The gold in this pack of Washi perfectly works with the sparkle theme. For the time of year it even looks like a little snowflake! It can be complimented with the other rainbow Washi from the pack which isn’t overly bright and works well beside it.

Gold Washi

This is an item I used to sell in my store, so unfortunately I cannot say where it’s from as it’s a supplier. However if you look around you can find it ;). I’ve included it anyway as it’s one of my favourite Washi. It’s so sparkly and you get loads on the roll. It’s perfect for this time of year and always makes my planners or journals look festive.

close up of this washi

Mrs Brimbles sequin pack

This is a little pack of sequins I got in my Mrs Brimbles advent calendar. I love the traditional Christmas colours used in the pack and the little gingerbread men! In terms of craft, these are more popular for making shakers. The Instagram hashtag #plannershaker gives you plenty of ideas for how to do this. Crack out the sewing machine along with some acetate and give it a go!
If this isn’t your thing, then you could also use these to decorate your Christmas table, they’ll add that little extra something on the big day.

Gold paints

I bought these a little while ago, they’re a really pretty paint set that catch the light beautifully. They show up better on darker papers over white etc, to get the tone you need to add a few layers on white.  In fact when they first go on, they are pretty hard to see. You have to build them up to get a stronger pigment. I didn’t have any black paper to hand so I used a marker on white paper. I don’t think the white gold took well to this, it looks better on the white paper side. This may be different on an actual black paper.

Metallic Pens

I have two different brands here, a few from Dovecraft and two from Simply Lettering magazine. My favourite is the silver brush pen from Simply Lettering, you can do a lot more with it and the silver really stands out. Unfortunately these pens don’t last long, they need to be used and not sat in a drawer or pen pot for months. The top two are the Simply Lettering and the rest are the Dovecraft which are the older of the two. When I first got these they really had a strong shine to them. Although they don’t look overly poor now (the black background being the better of the two), I know that they can look better.

This image is a little darker, if I brighten it too much you lost the silver pen at the top which is the best one there.

That’s all for now,

Thank you for stopping by,

Kelly xxx

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