GLOSSYBOX May ‘Wild Thing’

*Please note that with the below I am speaking on my own behalf and all opinions are my own*


I decided to do an unboxing of the May GLOSSYBOX. They’ve been a little pick me up each month, I’ve been subscribed since October 2019 and I’m still going strong. The reason I am posting late June opposed to when I received the box in May is because I like to try the products (if I can) before I write about them. I also don’t want to rush this process for the sake of a blog post. I love these boxes, they’re a special item for me so I take my time.

However, I’ve hogged this box for my own personal interest for long enough, time to feedback!



May ‘Wild Thing’ Box

Please note that some of these items may differ from others. To give an example, my box was variation 22.

Steve Laurant Wild Thing Eyeshadow Palette – *RRP £31 (Full Size Product)

This was the sneak peek for the May box and the design of the GLOSSYBOX itself was a tribute to the packaging on the eyeshadow palette. I was happy when I saw it as it’s the sort of colours I will go for. The shadow pigments are really soft and smooth and the actual palette they come in is of a good quality. I haven’t properly used it yet as my make up routine has gone a bit downhill during lockdown! If I do wear any, it’s fairly minimal but enough to make my face feel ready for the day. I think when I do start to properly use it, I will lean towards the lighter tones for summer and save the darker tones for when it gets into Autumn. You can visit GLOSSYBOX here for a smokey eye tutorial using this palette.

OH K – S.O.S Printed Sheet Mask – *RRP £4 (Full Size Product)

I love a sheet face mask, they’re low maintenance and you can use them whenever suits. This mask boasts ingredients like tea-tree, which hazel, willow bark and charcoal powder. Both witch hazel and tea tree are great as an anti-inflammatory and reduce redness, they’re also great for helping acne or acne scars. Willow bark contains salicylic acid which helps to reduce pores with antibacterial properties, helps irritation and is anti-inflammatory. The cleanser I am currently using is a salicylic acid cleanser and I am seeing the benefits for using it so I’m happy to see this product within this sheet mask. Lastly we have charcoal powder which is another property that removes bacteria, clears the pores and controls oils. Overall this mask is perfect for my skin as I want to help my pores and control my oily t-zone. We have had some changeable weather recently that has dried the skin around my mouth so the mask will add hydration and balance that.

Mudmasky Hair Mask, Scalp Treatment and Miracle Shampoo – £21 (Full Size Product)

I have had a Mudmasky product from GLOSSYBOX before and l was very impressed with it. It was an all day leave on winter face mask. I used it as a primer or when my skin became really dry. When I visit my family in the Midlands I find the water is different to where we live in Manchester. It really dries out my skin and hair! The face mask always helps to relieve that. I am saving this shampoo for those visits. I’ve given it a test run at home. I find it’s a little thick as a shampoo, it doesn’t take much for my hair to become oily! I decided to wash it with my normal shampoo first then apply the Mudmasky shampoo after as it was almost like a conditioner. It smells so nice and my hair felt really soft after using it.

Dr PawPaw Outrageous Orange Balm – £6.95 (Full Size Product)

This is a balm recommended for the lips, cheeks and cosmetic finishes (as advised on the product). I have used it as a lip balm as this is what works best for me. The product is quite thick, it’s almost like a lipstick in the way it behaves. If it’s on your hand you can’t rub it away due to the colour, it smears around so you have to wash it off. As for the colour itself it is bright orange. Personally I wasn’t sure of this as I tend to go for more natural tones but I showed my Sister and she loved it. So far, as I’m not really going out anyway, I’ve been using it as a deep repair lip balm at home. If I’ve had a day when my lips are really dry then I will apply this and it soothes and repairs them. I love that the bottle states on the front that it is cruelty free and vegan, that is always something to be proud about!


Dwtn Paris Highlighter – RRP £19.30 (Full Size Product)

This is my favourite item in the box and is a variation item meaning that not everyone would have received this. I’m actually really happy it was in my box and was a complete surprise. For a long while now I’ve fallen into the habit of wearing powder highlighters. It’s been a while since I wore a liquid highlighter. As i mentioned earlier, I have had the odd day where I’ve worn minimal make up. This highlighter has been an absolute saviour! I can have a light foundation, the highlighter, eye liner and that’s it. The highlighter adds so much to my face with little effort. I wear it on my cheekbones and it shimmers in the light beautifully. My exhausted face from being at the kids beck and call, all of a sudden looks a lot brighter and more awake. I’m using it sparingly as I really want to make it last and will definitely look to purchase again.


*From card inside box – RRP related to the full size product available for purchase as advised by the brand. Prices may vary due to exchange rates. All prices are correct at time of print.

That’s everything from the May GLOSSYBOX, for all info about the boxes and subscriptions visit the GLOSSYBOX website. I personally chose the 12 month subscription as I knew I would stay for that time and it’s incredible value for money.

Thanks for stopping by,

Kelly xx

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