Top 10 Pens 2020

Hi Everyone!

I’ve wanted to run a selection of blog posts reviewing or highlighting items I’ve found. At the moment these are online searches as it’s safer with the current Covid-19 situation. These will be treated as a “top X” list, the one I’m posting today is a top 10 pens 2020. I decided to start with pens because if I’m going to buy stationery, one of the first things I will look at are pens. After that it’s probably planners, notebooks…there’s a system haha.

There are a few shop/website repeats on this list. This is something I considered whilst searching around but I decided to continue with them as the list is about the actual pen types, not where they are from. I do like everything chosen so I decided to stick with them.

It’s safe to say I’m a pen addict, I definitely collect them. I have several pots full of pens! If I get a birthday or Christmas voucher for a shop that sells stationery items, I will most likely buy a pen as well as something else.

I can’t actually test the pens themselves due to them being online. I have taken this into account, in some places I have relied on the information provided on the site or in other cases my own experience of using similar pens. This list is also influenced by pens that caught my eye, almost looking at novelty pens for some of the ones chosen, the pretty pens that have stood out when I’ve been scrolling.

1 – Cross – Bailey Light Polished Coral Resin Rollerball Pen – £17

The first pen I have on the list was found on a website named Cross, the search for this was something along the lines of “luxury pens”. Everything on this site was very professional looking, it almost had a corporate feel. I noticed there was a vast difference when browsing. You can have pens that are around the £250 mark right down to the one I’m showing here which is £17 (as well as lower price points). However all of the pens had an executive feel to them, they are of a higher standard and don’t really have a novelty ‘fun’ look to them.

The Bailey Light Polished Resin Rollerball Pen stood out because of the colour. It was actually a teal tone when I first scrolled past it. I only have two example images to show but they do come in black, blue, white, grey, coral and teal. For me to match the theme of this post, I personally feel that the coral and the teal are the nicer ones to fit in with the top ten list. It looks like it would be enjoyable to use this pen, the site states that it has the same Cross quality performance. It does say that it is more lightweight but I would hope there was some weight to the pen so it has that higher end feel.

It also comes boxed which is a nice touch. The gel ink in the pen is black, which according to the page flows like a fountain pen. I personally prefer black ink in pens, I think it looks nicer on the page. Lastly this pen can be converted into a rollerball (opposed to a gel ink it’s sold with) or felt-tip pen with refills that can be bought separately.


2 – Hema – Dark Green Ballpoint Pen – £4.50

The next set of pens I have are by Hema. the price points tend to be very desirable in this shop and they always stand out as novelty pens. There are 3 different pens by Hema on the list. The pen naming on the site seems to be very straight to the point hence the lack of distinction. What drew my eye to this pen was the summer feel and I love the leaf at the top. Anything to do with nature will draw me in and the use of green and gold is always a classic colour combination.

The design itself with the leaf matches a style that’s been used in interior design for a good while now. The price point of £4.50 is one of the higher ends for a Hema pen. I still think it’s a really good price, you would pay higher elsewhere. It also comes boxed which makes it feel a little more luxurious.

3 – Hema – Ballpoint Pen with Silver-coloured Glitter Housing – £1.50

Firstly this pen is actually simply named ‘Ballpoint Pen” on the site. However I’ve taken some of the description name underneath to define it a little for the purposes of this post. I’m pretty sure this is the cheapest one on my top ten list. Again I feel like you could pay higher for this elsewhere. It caught my eye because of the glitter housing around the pen.

I think it’s a very simple but classic design. I would happily buy it and the price point makes that purchase a lot easier. Hema also sell this pen in gold if that’s preferred. The one downside of this pen is that the ink colour is blue, complete personal preference as mentioned before (this is the same for all Hema pens on this list).

4 – Hema – Grey Ballpoint Pen – £3

The last pen from Hema is another very simply named pen. However this was the first pen to catch my eye on the site because I really like succulents. I have these on my work desk and they definitely brighten up the place. I also have a collection of them on my kitchen windowsill. So this pen caught my eye as it’s quite unusual.

Again for the price point of this pen, £3.00 is an easy spend. I would be tempted to buy all three of the Hema selection as they are value for money and look lovely. If I have a pretty pen I’m always happy using it. The downside for this pen, is the blue ink. I could maybe see if I could change the ink inside the pen, swap it out. Although the ink colour wouldn’t be enough to stop me buying the pens.


5 – Pen Heaven – Yard-O-Led Special Edition Mayflower Sterling Silver Ballpoint Pen – £320

This popped up in my ‘luxury pen’ search. I can’t imagine many people reading this post have this kind of money to throw at a pen. It is actually sold out but I figured it was safe to add as something to drool over. I wanted to include it because I really do think it’s beautiful and it’s something different.

I spent a while on the Pen Heaven site but nothing else jumped out in the way that this did. It looks unusual and of a very high quality. If truth be told it was actually the pencil version that jumped out first with a very sleek design. However this is not a pencil list, it’s pens.

The price point of the pen is £320, for a pen!! The pencil is £295! To give an idea as to why the pen costs so much, it’s sterling silver and it has a hand chased floral design. What that means is that the floral design has been hand depressed into the silver with a blunt tool. This means that each pen has hand-crafted work, it’s not manufactured. It has been created with sheet silver and according to the site, the unique clip is hand crafted by 8 different processes. A lot of work goes into creating this pen.

This comes gift boxed with a polishing cloth, this is new to me! I suppose if you are going to spend that kind of money on a pen, you want it to always look the best it can.

The downside of this pen is that it’s blue ink! All that money and it comes with an ink colour that I don’t like!


6 – Paperchase – Cat Paw Twist Pen – £8

This pen caught my eye simply because it has a cat paw on it and I’m cat mad. I love the use of colour on it, black and gold always go well together. I think that the majority of the pen being black with the gold accents and white cat paw helps the pen to have a more expensive look.

I have had pens like this before from Paperchase. They tend to be quite weighted, they always feel like they are of a decent quality, they are slim and always feel lovely to write with. I have never had any issues using these pens. Also, this pen comes in black ink!

I am always happy to pay £8 for these pens as they do last and I always receive compliments for them. Over the years I’ve had a few versions of these pens (e.g. bunny ears/french bulldog designs) and I keep going back, definitely worth a purchase.


7 – Pens Pretty Pens – Tartan Red Sparkle Pen – £3.99

The first pen that caught my eye on the Pens Pretty Pens site was the Tartan Red Sparkle Pen. The colours look a bit like the Bruce Tartan which is my family clan (my Dad’s Mother) so it stood out for me and I connected with it. The colours themselves, red, green, yellow and white are quite festive so I would be tempted to use these in a Christmas planner. I do love a traditional look in a Christmas planner!

The price point is a comfortable £3.99. It’s a really sleek design. I can imagine that all of the little silver ridges make it feel more luxurious. It even comes with a little pouch, which is a lovely touch again when the price is considered. As well as that it’s also a refillable pen so you can continue to use it. Lastly it is black ink, so for me this pen ticks all of the boxes, it doesn’t have anything that lets it down.


8 – Pens Pretty Pens – Summer Flowers Sparkle Pen – £3.99

I’ve added another pen from Pens Pretty Pens. I did look around at many other sites but in the end I came back to this one and decided to add two to the post.

This time I’ve added one of the floral designs from the site. There were other really lovely designs but they were sold out at the time of writing so I thought it would be unfair to have them as a main talking point. There is a stunning daisy design that I would have been tempted to purchase if it was in stock!

Instead I have gone for the Summer Flowers Sparkle Pen. We are in summer so it’s the right time to show it off, it has a lovely fresh look to the design. It would pair nicely with a summery planner that has a fresh, clean setup. It also comes with a pouch and has black ink. I love the bold colours on it against the white with the silver accents. I even love that the top of the pen has a rounded end over a flat end with harsh edges. I tend to rub my thumb over this area when I’m thinking and I much prefer a rounded surface. Similarly to the tartan, I cannot see any flaws with this pen.


9 – Typo – Crystal Ballpoint Pen – £6

There are two versions of these pens. The first is a rose gold version with pink crystal design at the top. The second is a pink version with an almost clear quartz like design with gold flecks. I like both of these pens to be honest, it would be really difficult to choose between them.

Both pens are ballpoint with a twist design. I imagine they have a decent weight to them and they have a lovely sleek design similar to the Paperchase pen.

From looking on the site, I can’t see what colour ink is in this pen. That’s a bit of a disappointment as it can sometimes influence my purchase. £6 is getting slightly higher in price, particularly if I wanted to buy both and I would like to know what colour I’m writing with. I do however absolutely love crystals, I have tonnes of them! I appreciate this isn’t an actual crystal, the composition on the site suggests that this is plastic. It would be nice to have a pen to use alongside my crystal work.


10 – Typo – Iconic Metal Pen – £6

The Iconic Metal Pen comes in three different designs, sold separately. These are a gold pen with a rubber duck design at the top, a black pen with a Penguin and a gold pen with a Tortoise.

In terms of the design and looking at them as they are, my favourite is the duck pen. This is due to the fact that it’s is all gold, the duck merges and looks like it’s moulded with the pen. Whereas the Penguin and the Tortoise look more like they’ve been stuck on. The Tortoise could have been gold too but I can see why it’s been done, it helps the details stand out and does look better for it.

This pen is listed as black ink which makes me think maybe the crystal pen could be black ink also. As mentioned I have used designs like this before and you can’t really go wrong with them. They look lovely on your desk or in the hand.


The ones that didn’t make it to the list

John Lewis –  Archive Pen Set, Pack of 3 – £16

I saw these later on in my search. I wanted to add them to my post as I do like them but they’re not apart of my top 10. What drew my eye to them is the patterns on the casing, I love the tropical look. They are black ink (woo!) and are ballpoint pens.

The reason they didn’t make the list is that I’m not overly keen on the gold clicker, clip and bottom of the pens. I feel like the quality lessens in the way they look. For £16 I would want them to present a little more finished, either more delicate with rounded edges or some form of detailing. I feel that those parts of the pen let them down.

That’s all the pens on the list!

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3 thoughts on “Top 10 Pens 2020

    1. TheScrapbookGirl

      Very true! You know what, I haven’t used one for a while so maybe that’s why. I like a pen that I can use straight away without having to get the ink setup. There’s been a few times I’ve grabbed a fountain pen that was previously setup but it won’t write and I have to faff with it again. I tend to save them more for journal work over everyday pens.


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