New Beginnings


This is an update if you’ve landed on this site.

If you’re brand new then welcome. If you’re on here noticing posts from The Scrapbook Girl but are seeing the new URL and branding don’t worry it’s still me.

In a nutshell I’ve wanted to update my site for some time. I didn’t really identify with the title of The Scrapbook Girl anymore, I wanted to branch out and talk about many other things. I did attempt to go more lifestyle with it but I still felt restricted by the name. In fact, I wanted to change everything in April 2019 but couldn’t face the nightmare that it is to do all that.

I then received a renewal bill from my hosting site last night that was a hefty amount for 3 months, yearly it was extortionate. My blog is very small and I cannot justify paying that. This gave me the motivation to do something about it.

I spent today searching around and finding the best way to make this work for me financially. I’ve decided to have my domain name and plan going via WordPress. It’s certainly cheaper for the year ahead and I will revisit later.

In terms of the name I wanted something that would keep the blog open to varied posts but somehow personal to me. I wanted my name at first but I have other links to this were I don’t want cross overs. I then thought about a play on my name but what I came up with already exists. So at first I thought of Messy Headspace. I loved the sound and does describe me, a very busy creative brain. I decided to adjust it to My Messy Headspace for that extra personal touch and voila!

When I setup The Scrapbook Girl it was almost as a business. I had an Etsy shop which is now closed. I also have a Youtube channel, this will remain as it is under The Scrapbook Girl. I’m not sure if I will upload many more videos but there’s a lot on there and it can keep ticking along. It’s more crafting and stationery so I may have it as a side project.

I now don’t need a business as I’m employed full time as Creative Artworker. All I want is my blog and to be more free with how I use it. I believe I can now do this.

I’m not yet sure of the look and feel of the blog, bare with it! It’s been a busy day switching everything over. For now, all the old posts are here should you still wish to read them. They still have The Scrapbook Girl name as the Author, in fact this will too as I need to work out how to change that. When my hosting site shuts down the Scrapbook Girl in 11 days, I anticipate I will be able to change a lot more.

Catch you soon!

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